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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion #59047

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Folks on this fine Saturday morning your fearless reporter is greatly confused at how the right wing Republicans can still deny global warming when the western half of North America, and especially California, is in the throes of a drought caused by a severe case of El-Ninonatona, El-Ninoona, El-Nanooka, El-Nenola, ....... CLIMATE CHANGE!


the atlantic restaurant

Also this morning, I'm REALLY confused why this restaurant didn't make it? [sic]

Posted by Amy Grief
The Dundas West restaurant that charmed the so-called Million Dollar Critic, Giles Coren, with its bottom-feeder-friendly and menu-less service is no longer.
Nathan Isberg's The Atlantic has closed its doors for good, reports Toronto Life. Isberg dropped menus from his restaurant and allowed guests to pay what they wanted for their meals. Patrons could also barter for their dinner.
More recently, Isberg stopped serving booze as yet another way to push the limits of the restaurant concept.
Isberg is noted for experimenting with unusual ingredients but also for his unique approach to the dining experience itself. With the closure of this eccentric eatery, there's now a hole for Toronto diners looking for an unconventional dining experience.


Both my kids live in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby and when I was a resident of La La land all those many years ago, Burnaby was a rather remote suburb (compared to Kitsilano)  where nothing much happened.

My how things have changed ............., apart from the gangs and violence out in the 'burbs,' they now found a giant python in one of the parks.

What's next, an invasion of giant sloths?


When I was young and going to College to take Journalism, there were jokes about some of the stupid courses ya could take, including credit courses for basket weaving and such.


Apparently things haven't got much better over the years. Here's some of the stuff you can take now:

Posted by Alice Prendergast

 adult learning toronto
September is almost here and it's time to go back to school - for everyone. In addition to offering certificates and diplomas, The Toronto District School Board also offers a host of more lighthearted classes for adults. They're generally gloriously cheap, a good way to meet people, and potentially so oddball that they'll make you the star of the next party you're at. From ghost-busting to nordic pole walking, here are my picks for courses you should considering taking this September.

Healing Runes
Do you find your newspaper horoscope grossly inaccurate? Are you tired of spending your grocery money on faulty psychic readings? Well lucky for you, the TDSB is offering a how-to course on reading healing runes. If by the end of the one week course you figure out how to see your own future, you won't regret forking over the $21 fee.
Fruit Carving
Some of us just aren't cut out to be master chefs, but that doesn't mean we have to give up our culinary dreams entirely. For those who can't broil, baste, or saute with the best of 'em, turn to the fine art of fruit carving. In this class you'll learn how to transform everything from peppers to pineapples into works that rival Michelangelo's.
Productive Anger
Instead of turning to axe throwing and table flipping to deal with your anger, learn how to turn it into something productive. This week-long workshop will help you make rage your new best friend, giving you handy checklists and lessons on how to manage your emotions. If you're more comparable to the Incredible Hulk than Bruce Banner, you probably want to consider enrolling.
Age Defying Facial Exercises
Let's face it, nobody is a fan of fine lines and wrinkles. Well forget facial creams with questionable ingredients and bi-annual shots of botox, this 5-week course will get you glowing from within by simply stretching some muscles. For only 36 bucks, you'll be saving a fortune at Sephora.
Finding Your Destiny
Feeling less than ambitious? Have no fear, this course is here to help you find your way in life. Get handy tips on getting out of your own way and discovering your path to success. Plus, for figuring out your life, $14 purpose seems entirely reasonable.
How Boundaries Make Everything Better
Have you been known to play fast and loose with your emotions? Well it's time you build up some boundaries, my friend. Learn the all the benefits of living a structured life in this week-long workshop.
Everything You Want to Know About Ghosts but are Afraid to Ask
Forget the naysayers, in this on week course you'll be surrounded by folks who believe in all things spooky and supernatural. You'll learn valuable lessons like how to recognize when you're imagination is playing tricks on you and how to protect your pad and body from unwanted visitors from the great beyond.
Smudging 101
Once you've learned everything you need to know about ghosts, and you've determined you may have some unwanted visitors, you better learn how to get rid of them. Learn the process of spiritual purification in this this week-long Smudging workshop. You can kiss your ghosts goodbye and bring some positive energy back into your home.
Nordic Pole Walking
Nordic pole walking is perfect if you're looking for something more quirky than your average beer league to take part in. Basically skiing minus the skis, this activity transforms walking into a full-body workout for optimal health benefits. The downside: there are no cool jerseys or cult following to give you a motivational boost.
Foot Fitness
This ain't your ordinary workout class. Forget pilates, kickboxing, and every other athletic endeavour, it's time to exercise your feet. You won't walk away with chiseled abs, but you'll have more flexible and fit feet than any of your friends (I'm not sure whether this is an enviable trait).