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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion Part #2

Although I'm not a staunch Democrat or Republican in the States, or a Conservative, Liberal or NDP here in Canada, it's not secret that my sympathies lie with the Right Wing here is Canukland, and definitely with the Left Wing down in the home of the not-so-free!

To help explain what makes a Republican down in the States, this article, as ill-conceived, and  ill-informed and ill-advised as it is, helps explain why so many people there identify with the Right, even when it's against their best interest or wishes!

We have to ask ourselves, why does the government hate, nay fear, the self-reliant? On the surface it doesn’t make sense. It’s outrageous and has no practical value. Every person who is self-reliant is one less person the government has to provide for; and when disaster strikes, it takes some weight off of their disaster relief efforts.
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But once you dig deeper, the reasons become abundantly clear. The short answer is that our government and many like it, is parasitic in nature. Some would argue that we don’t need half the services they provide, and even the ones we do need, are provided with gross inefficiency. Their system is designed to extract as much labor and capital from the population that it can so that they may spread the benefits to their cronies and dependents. It’s that simple. They don’t want you to be independent, because that’s one less person they can leach off of.

There's the big difference bunky ...., up here in Canada we consider the government our friend, while south of the border a good percentage of the people think of it as the ENEMY!