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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Who wants to know ..., and why?

Folks I just read a headline that gave me pause: "Can a straight man tell the difference between a kiss from a woman and a man?"

First of all, I have been kissed by a man, and YES ...., you can definitely tell the difference,but the question is why this would even occur to a straight individual? (If it was a straight person who asked it in the first place, which I doubt!)

This brings us to the next question ..............., who in hell except another gay would even think to ask this, I mean, I'm about as straight as they come, and I can assure you that this question has NEVER crossed my mind in any way, shape or form!

(Just so we're straight [sic] on this, a guy kissed me, I didn't kiss him!)


No big winners in the Lotto Max or 649 this week, so I guess I saved myself 10 bucks by forgetting to get some tickets on Friday!


A cruise ship off the coast of Newfoundland has given up the search for a crew member who fell overboard a day or two ago!

They issued a statement that said in part: "Due to the freezing cold water and length of time he has been missing ............., we think he may be dead!"

Ya think?


As Europe struggles to deal with an unprecedented number of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean, a German bus driver offered an unexpectedly warm welcome to asylum seekers on his bus.
Sven Latteyer showed compassion on the 15 young foreigners – some from Africa – who boarded his bus in Erlangen in Bavaria, when he announced over a loudspeaker in English,
“Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, from all over the world in this bus – I want to say something. I want to say welcome. Welcome to Germany, welcome to my country. Have a nice day.”
“The speech was greeted with stunned looks followed by laughter and applause, "including from the Germans," one passenger said. "One of the African lads wiped a tear from his eye," the BBC reports.
As the story spread, the bus driver's welcome was applauded on Twitter too.

The moon: Your final resting place?--------------------------------------

Somebody came up with the bright idea of sending a loved one's ashes to rest forever on THE MOON!

For just $12K you too can send your wife or husband someplace where they'll never bother you again!


A Pennsylvania borough rejected a man’s attempt to pay a $25 parking fine in pennies, but they cited outdated federal regulations in doing so.


(Good thing it wasn't a $200- fine!)