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Monday, 28 September 2015


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Scott Welch
Scott Welch, American by birth, Canadian by choice.
We love it because it's efficient.

Here's the interesting thing about the health care system in Canada: in aggregate, we spend substantially less on health care than the US does in aggregate ($4445 vs $8223, according to the OECD And yet, by pretty well any measure (infant mortality, life expectancy, etc.) Canadians are healthier.

Far from providing healthcare "at any cost", the opposite appears to be true: Canada  is achieving superior outcomes while keeping the costs at about 70% of US equivalents. Here's the chart, "We" is the US:

Edited May 21st: Prompted by a few conversations I have had recently, I think that another thing that we love is that we never have to be scared or afraid about health care, only about our health. Yep, we worry about staying healthy, but there is not a single Canadian who worries "what happens if I lose my job and then lose my health care"? Or "If my child gets cancer I'll go bankrupt"? Or "My Mom has no health care and needs a hip replacement and I'm making minimum wage, what do I do?"

Just taking those worries away makes anyone feel better, every day.

Update Mar 13/2014 to add an excellent video: This video is GREAT, forget about the arrogant condescending asshole who comes on first, Bernie Sanders proves once again why people like him so much!