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Monday, 28 September 2015


Craig Good
Craig Good, Life-long American

Norm Soley
Norm Soley, Canadian, annoying hack

Austin Wigley
Austin Wigley, Astronomer

Gregory Fleming
Gregory Fleming, IT Consultant who wants to be many things when he grows up

I lived 33 years in the US and my entire family on all sides is American and lives in America and I can't think of one time I heard a Canadian joke.  I can only think of the South Park jokes and they are partly funny because they are so unusual.


Marcia Peterson Buckie, I am an American who lives 30 miles from border, married to Canadian citizen

After 20 years being married to a Canadian living in the U.S., I can see my country and countrymen through a different lens. Americans think they know a lot about Canadians, but they don't. They think Canadians are wanna be  Americans.  MOST DON'T.

(Folks, I don't know what the problem is, but boy, am I ever seeing a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes that I had to correct in these replies. Is is a result of today's computer and texting age, or the American educational system?)