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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Brother can ya spare a dime?

Dear readers:

Your ever curious reporter ran across an interesting statistic today.

Back in the 1950's and 60's North American workers saw their paychecks, and prosperity, go up and up from one year to the next.

Then, as the 1970's dawned, something strange happened. Wages, and our standard of living flat-lined, and has stayed that way ever since.

(Of course this doesn't mean that the rich have suffered the same fate bunky!)

Here is a chart of wages since the mid point of the 20th century, adjusted for inflation and earning power!


You will also notice that men's wages have stayed at around $50,000 during this time while women's wages have slowly climbed from $25,000 to $35,000 during the same period.  (Quite a wage disparity, but that's another subject for another time!)


Here's a headline that make me wonder:

Look kids, if these refugees are smart enough to make it all the way to Norway, THEY SHOULD BE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS!


Here's another reason George "W" Bush disgusted me, and Dick Cheney scared the hell out of me!

When it comes to the NSA, we've been discussing just how dangerous it is when the government gets to put in place its own secret interpretation of laws that, when read by the public, appear to say something quite different than the secret interpretation. Otherwise you have secret laws, and that's no way to run an open Constitutional democracy. 
For many years, it's been known that in March of 2004 there was a hospital room showdown between then White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales (with White House Chief of Staff Andy Card) and (at the time, quite ill) Attorney General John Ashcroft and acting Attorney General James Comey, over whether or not to reauthorize some sort of surveillance program. 
Comey, Ashcroft, and then FBI Director Robert Mueller all threatened to resign over the issue, and eventually, we were told, President Bush overruled Gonzales and Card. 
We knew at the time that the dispute was over domestic surveillance and whether or not it was legal.