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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Full scale donnybrook after last night's leaders debate!

Dear Readers:

Image result for stephen harper caricatureYour ever humble and truthful reporter knows you might have a hard time coming to terms with this news, but according to the Perspective Naked News Department there was quite a ruckus backstage last night  after the leaders debate!

Reports are sketchy, and most of the spin doctors and political staff are trying their best to downplay, or even quash news of the free-for-all, but we did manage to get some of the bare bones details about the fight, if not the blow by blow account of the whole thing.

It seems that as they were exiting the stage after the debate Stephen Harper accidentally bumped into Justin Trudeau ........., but Mulcair was of the opinion that Harper did it on purpose, and started calling him names.

Trudeau, not to be left out of the rapidly escalating tension, hurled a few insults of his own at Harper, who then called both Trudeau and Mulcair 'morons' and basically told them to go fuck themselves.

This is the point where it got really ugly and ended up with both Trudeau and Mulcair holding Harper down and repeatedly kicking and punching him!

Fortunately security guards stepped in at this point to separate the combatants while Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe, who was in a different studio at the time, misunderstood what was going on and continued to say that he was the one who should have been separated.

(And remember folks, as usual, ya heard it here first!)