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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The long and the short of it, or is it the young and the old of it?

It's happening folks, and this headline says it all: More Canadians are 65 and over than under age 14, StatsCan says!

Image result for young kids clipartFor the first time ever, there are now more people in Canada age 65 and over than there are under age 14, according to Statistics Canada.

Canada met a milestone that demographers have seen coming for a long time. In the year ended in July, the population of people 65 and older is now larger than the number of children under 14.

Image result for old folks clipartThe cohort of people 65 and up isn't just large in absolute terms, but their ranks are growing faster than the rest of us, too. The population growth rate for the over-64 set increased by 3.5 per cent during the year, four times faster than the population at large.

That pace of growth has increased every year since 2011, the data agency said.
But by international standards, Canada's population of 65-and-overs is still relatively small, and lower than any other G7 nation. In Japan, for example, 26 per cent of the population is over age 64.


Image result for toilet paper  trophyWe have a repeat offender for our "Asshole of the day" kids!

George Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch guard, briefly recirculated the graphic crime scene photo of a dead Trevor Martin to his 11,000 Twitter followers. The picture — which was used as evidence in the trial that ended with Zimmerman’s acquittal — shows Martin’s body lying on grass as investigators stand over it.


Well folks, in one corner we have Stephen Harper wanting to revoke the citizenship of anyone who commits a terrorist act in Canada ....., or goes abroad to join a terrorist group.

And then we have Justin Trudeau, who says that we shouldn't revoke anyone's  papers for any reason. (Throw them in jail, yes, but don't take away their citizenship!)

AS USUAL, it comes down to me for a resolution to this ideological rift between the two of them.

Don' take away their citizenship kids ......, JUST SHOOT THEM!

(In case ya didn't hear it, one of the Toronto 18 terrorists is on record as saying he "hates Canada!" How Trudeau can justify his position with a guy like this is totally beyond me!) 


Meanwhile, from the TechDirt files:

PETA Defends Its Rights To Represent The Selfie-Taking Monkey In Court

From the that's-a-silly-question dept

We've written plenty about the infamous monkey selfie, and have even been threatened by two totally separate organizations for posting the photo here on Techdirt (which we're about to do again):
Last week, the story got even weirder, where PETA, the animal rights organization, sued photographer David Slater on behalf of the monkey, who they claim is named Naruto. As we've explained in detail, the photos are almost certainly in the public domain based on all relevant copyright laws. Slater has repeatedly denied this, insisting the copyright is his (and he apparently also likes to regularly disparage Techdirt's coverage of this story). But, still, we're at least on Slater's side in this particular lawsuit. PETA has much less of a claim to the copyright than Slater does (and, as we've noted, Slater has none).

Sarah Jeong, over at Vice's Motherboard, likes to dig deep into wacky copyright stories, and this was no exception. Her original article on this story was basically a bunch of good questions about the lawsuit, including things like "How do they even know the monkey's name is Naruto?" and "Can monkeys even sue?" Amazingly, PETA's lawyer agreed to be interviewed by Sarah, and the results are totally worth reading. She starts out by exploring the question of Naruto. How do they know his name, how are they sure it's really Naruto in the photos -- especially since Naruto is a male and nearly all of the original stories about the monkey selfie claimed that the macaque selfie photo was of a female. Slater himself has said that it was a female.

Jeong doesn't quite get to the bottom of it, but there's at least some evidence that the monkey really was a male, and it's entirely possible that he's been named Naruto by the folks who study the monkeys in Indonesia. But then there's the legal discussion. I will just give you this snippet and then tell you that you need to go read the whole thing. Also, news would be a lot more interesting if journalists did interviews like this more frequently.
Does Naruto know about this lawsuit?
Um, the… fact here is that Naruto is unable to come into court himself and so we are standing as Next Friend. Your question is silly, frankly. The issue is as I’ve stated it.
Does Naruto know about his selfies?
I have the same response.
Naruto certainly knew at the time that he was engaged in intentional conduct that is obvious from Mr. Slater’s own description of the situation. And Naruto clearly engaged in the purposeful intentional conduct that resulted in the creation of the selfies.
There's more and it gets better. I, for one, can't wait to see if someone tries to list Naruto as a witness.