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Monday, 28 September 2015

This religious bullshit has got to STOP!

Folks I don't know how it ever got this way, but it's got to STOP!

First of all I listened to that Carrrly Fienourita on the weekend when she said that Planned Parenthood performed abortions and then harvested the brains from the dead fetuses.


And the weird thing was that nobody even called her on it! (This is wrong on so many levels I won't even start to list them here ....,  because anyone she is preaching to wouldn't listen to any outside facts or figures to begin with.)

Another woman I know who is a staunch Catholic once told me that not only do they regularly perform late term abortions here in Canada, (they occasionally perform late term abortions after 20 weeks in extraordinary circumstances, but then only after a panel of doctors has debated whether it's ethical, legal, moral, or even safe to do so!) but she 'KNOWS' of cases where they performed an abortion by letting the baby be born normally at full term, and then just left it on a table for three days until it died!

Like I said kids, this bullshit has got to stop!

 Oh, and when all else fails ...., mention the Nazi's