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Saturday, 5 September 2015

When England is on fire, who will be to blame?

Dear Readers:

We hear a lot about the refugee problem in Europe, but when you're over there in the middle of it ........., the whole thing takes on a different perspective! (It's more of a lifestyle choice disguised as a safety issue!)

Not only that, but people in Europe have more first hand experience with the way it affects their lives.


Whether you and I agree with it or not, this is how a lot of them are reacting!

Guest Post by Jamie Barraclough

We've all seen 'that' picture of the dead little boy and it plays on the hearts and minds of many people. 

Myself included!

Exactly what it's meant to do. 

Media ...doing what it does best. 

Now please take a good look at this picture I've posted..... and tell me why it happened. 

If they are only wanting safety and to flee a war torn country then why didn't his parents stay in any one of these countries on the map. 

So based on the facts I have.... his parents were already in a 'safer' country and they were trying to get to Greece to eventually get to Canada. 

It WASN'T A FLEE TO SAFETY at all, it was a life style choice, but it gets played as something else. 

I have seen factions of this immigration first hand while I sat for 4 hrs in traffic at Calais last week. 

During those 4 hrs I watched people breaking into trucks, and then I had my van kicked and spat on. I was threatened and intimidated by men and women ..., and laughed at by children who thought it was funny. 

What a different picture that makes. But, not a big deal I hear you say ..... no ... maybe not, but how about if it was you who sat in your car with your terrified children while this went on. 

Or how about back here in England where they're robbing you, or your elderly neighbours! Breaking into your homes, your car's, your businesses etc....stealing  from your gardens. Doing anything it takes to survive. 

Will you still support them then....after all its only another degree of desperation isn't it? 

And before anyone makes the obvious comment....I'm not saying that every single immigrant is a criminal, but if desperation drives you to risk your own and your child's life, then what else will it make you do ......, a desperate person is a dangerous person. 

Make your comments, but please have a good think first!

I know these people need help...I'm not denying that, but we have enough of our own issues going on, while other countries like the UAE, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia have wealth beyond belief and enough land/space for 10's of thousands of people ......, and yet they do nothing and get away with it!

They just say NO and that's that. 

Look at those poor migrants who have successfully made it to Hungary. Nice and safe, and they could settle there, but why don't they want to..... because Hungary has a poor economy and they want to get to Germany. 



As usual with people like this, they are sort of half right and half wrong, but 100% sure of their own position! -Ed.