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Saturday, 26 September 2015

You left us, but we won't forget!

My best friend just lost his wife to a heart attack, and as I sit here pondering the news I'm reminded of just how fragile we all are as we stumble through life, not knowing where the grim reaper is going to next turn his attention!

Like everyone, I have suffered loss in my life, from friends that left me when I was a young man, to my dad dying of heart failure when he was just 69, and now the wife of someone who has to deal with this loss on a daily basis.

Wayne told me he only ever cried once in his life, and that was when his mother died, but I know that he is crying now and I feel totally helpless in giving him some sort of comfort, because there really isn't much you can say or do to make it better!

I can only hope he gets through the next short while relatively unscathed, because time really does have way of lessening the pain and dulling the loss.

Until then, my thoughts are with him!