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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Car 54: Where Are You?

A missing military blimp has descended somewhere in central Pennsylvania and is near the ground. NORAD tweets: If you see a large, cigar-shaped white balloon in the sky, you’re not seeing things, but you should get in touch with 911.
Some time around 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, one them came loose. The 242-foot blimp isn’t a cheap piece of equipment, either. The average cost of the Raytheon-made airships is around $175 million dollars.  
(Blimps may seem harmless and silly, but it’s hard out here for a blimp. The JLENS’s struggles notwithstanding, airships have a long, noble, and sometimes tragic history serving U.S. national defense. Following German deployments of Zeppelins against Britain in World War I, the U.S. began toying with rigid airships in the 1920s. The U.S.S. Shenandoah flew for two years before crashing in a storm in 1925, killing 14.)


HEY KIDS: After announcing his retirement in 2011, Phil Collins is jumping back into the music business.
The British singer and drummer told Rolling Stone that he's "no longer officially retired ... the horse is out of the stable and I'm raring to go."
The 64-year-old wrote on his website in 2011 that he wanted to leave music to father his two sons "on a daily basis."
The former Genesis frontman's last album of new material was 2002's Testify. Rolling Stone says Collins is planning a new solo album and tour.
"My kids are now 10 and 14 and they want to see what their dad does," Collins said. 

Hey folks, want to know just how nuts some people are down in the States?

'Curtis Reeves' lawyer says he plans to use Florida's 'stand your ground' self-defense law in the trial of his client, who was accused of shooting a fellow moviegoer in 2014 for texting and throwing popcorn in his face. 
Mr. Reeves was arrested for the fatal shooting of Chad Oulson in January 2014. Police say Mr. Oulson threw his bag of popcorn in Reeves' face after the former captain criticized him for texting. Reeves responded by pulling out his gun and shooting Oulson in the chest, according to law enforcement. A bullet also grazed Oulson's wife, Nicole.

Now that's crazy enough just by itself kids, BUT IT'S WHAT HIS LAWYER SAID NEXT THAT IS REALLY NUTS!

“I think we have a pretty solid stand your ground case,” Richard Escobar, Reeves’ attorney, told the Tampa Bay Times. Escobar plans to utilize a video taken at the scene to prove Reeves acted lawfully under Florida’s self-defense law and ultimately have the criminal charges dismissed. A five-day hearing is scheduled to begin on Jan. 25. (By the way, Curtis is being supported by the NRA!)



Now that the Blue Jays are retired for the winter, it's time to go back to that old standard of watching the Maple Leafs!!!!!!!!