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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Goodbye Summer!

Dear Readers:

This morning as I was drinking my morning tea and reading the Saturday paper a group of 8 - 10 wild turkeys came up from the river behind our condo and started eating all the seeds that had fallen off a bird feeder in the back yard.

As I stood there on the deck watching them, I heard a volley of shotgun blasts in the distance and realized this wasn't the only flock of turkeys in the area.

I wished them good luck on their journey south, and went back inside because it felt like it was going to start snowing. (Normally we don't get our first snow for about another month, so I don't like this at all!)

So much for summer folks!


While we're on the subject: Forecasters are predicting there will be fewer of those bone-chilling, cheek-numbing days this winter thanks to a monster-sized El Nino.

Environment Canada said it is expecting a milder and shorter winter, as the weather system is expected to push warm air across the country.
"The last time we had one this big was 18 years ago and that was one of the warmest winters on record here in Canada," Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips told CTV News on Friday. "We think this will be a repeat." (Apparently January and February of 2015 as REALLY cold here in S.W. Ontario. Not that I noticed ......., I was in hospital on life support at the  time and the weather was the least of my worries!)


On a more serious note I read a letter to the editor in the Free Press this morning that I can wholeheartedly agree with and hope you do too!

Fahmy citizen of convenience.
Regarding the article Fahmy: Harper ‘betrayed’ me:
I find it insulting that journalist Mohamed Fahmy sees fit to blame our prime minister for the time he spent in Egyptian prison.
Fahmy went to Egypt during a time of social revolution, knowing full well the dangers he would face, and then criticized the Egyptian authorities there.
Though I cannot justify his imprisonment, I do find it tough to swallow that his first breath returning to Canada is to say our prime minister did not do enough to help him. He knew the dangers and accepted them. Is our country responsible to rescue every Canadian who intentionally puts themselves in harm’s way? I believe the Egyptian-born Fahmy is a Canadian citizen of convenience.
Sam Off


I can remember many,. many years ago, (back in my youth) how I got a B.J. in the car while driving down to Florida on the 1-75.  (After all kids, that's a long, boring drive, so what else are ya gonna do for excitement?)


That doesn't hold a candle to THESE two:  Snooki and her husband Jionni LaValle would like everyone to know that they, too, are dangerous fucking idiots behind the wheel. Us Weekly reports:
The former MTV star revealed that she and her husband, Jionni LaValle, actually conceived their daughter while he drove.
“Me and Jionni went out on a date in Hoboken and we were driving back and we started hooking up while he was driving,” Snooki, 27, said during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday, Oct. 14.
The Jersey Shore alum didn’t stop there. “I just climbed on top of him,” she dished, leaving nothing to the imagination. “While [he was] driving on the highway.”
She added: “My period didn’t come and I got pregnant.”
While my initial reaction to this story is that there are kind, smart, considerate, non-death-on-wheels people out there having miscarriages or fertility issues, yet these two shitheads are successfully fucking out tiny little shithead copies of themselves on the highway because God is an asshole dick loaded with asshole sauce. I started to think about the logistics, and really, would Snooki’s head even reach past the steering wheel? Also, it’s kind of funny to imagine the poor asshole they by all rights should’ve crashed into. (


That ain't nothin kids! We get this juicy tid-bit from :"the Superficial!"

"The Kardashians Are Lecturing People On Publicity Whoring Now!"

Completely setting aside the fact that they’re the Kardashians and fame-whoring is their middle name, in the days since Lamar Odom was found passed out in a brothel we’ve learned which Kardashian sisters are at the hospital, which NBA superstars prayed with them, that Khloe’s still married to Lamar, that she paid for his ex-girlfriend and kids to fly to Vegas, how the Kardashians would never, ever film such a tragedy, and that they’re benevolently suspending content on their apps (but not their Instagrams) to “support” Lamar. You have none of this information by accident. Which makes it disingenuous as fuck that they’re now lecturing Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof for doing some milking of his own. NY Daily News reports:
“We reached out to Dennis politely asking him to respect Lamar’s (and Khloe’s) privacy during this difficult time and refrain from talking to the press,” said a statement from Kardashian’s publicist.
“This is a very painful situation, as I know you are aware, and the idea that anyone would use it to seek publicity is really sad.”
Hof had his own pointed response to the Wednesday call for media silence from Kardashian’s publicist.
“They asked me not to talk to the media,” the celebrity brothel owner told the Daily News. “I told her to pass on a message: Go to hell.”
In fairness, this Dennis Hof guy has been talking to anybody and everybody about Lamar Odom, which is probably not the best move for a guy who owns a brothel that gives its clients FDA-recalled boner pills that makes them stroke out in a VIP room, and not in the good way.