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Monday, 26 October 2015

Islam to blame for latest earthquake!

Dear Readers:

Just in case ya haven't heard yet Afghanistan, Pakistan and India have been rocked by a major earthquake today that was centered in northern Afghanistan. Not much is known at this time about the severity of the quake, or the number of casualties, but certain facts are slowly emerging.

According to informed sources, GOD (That's right, the big guy!) is not pleased with what Islamic fundamentalists and extremists are doing to the region in the name of Islam.

We have not been able to establish what specific actions resulted in GOD's wrath, but it seems to be the result of ...., or a combination of ...., the beheadings and the terrorisation of the population by ISIS, the lack of human rights in the region,  the subjugation of women by the misogynistic Imams, and/or just the general strife caused by the division of the faith by Sunni and Shia sects. (God told the Perspective Research Department that he had to put up with this shit once when the Catholics and Protestants were at each others throats,  but He's not going to do it a second time for the Shia and Sunni groups.)

What-ever the case, GOD has stated that he is tired of all this stuff that's going on and unless positive steps are taken to bring the religion and the people into the twenty first century, HE will have no choice but to start the process of Armageddon, and reduce the Middle-East to a burnt out cinder!!!!

In other words kids, the welcome mat for the Muslims has been yanked away!