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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Look me in the eye and say that!!!!

Well kids, as long as I'm on a U.S. politics kick these past few days I might as well throw another log on the fire!

How's THIS for a headline: Boehner Does Damage Control: Benghazi Probe Was 'Never' About Clinton.


Folks it never ceases to amaze me how some people, and especially politicians, can stand there and look you straight in the eye, and without blinking or twitching at all, tell you something that's so transparent it's almost beyond belief. 

Once more:  Boehner Does Damage Control: Benghazi Probe Was 'Never' About Clinton 

(Isn't U.S. politics fun?)


And while we're on a roll with the States: Bernie Sanders Is Catching Up To The Clinton Fundraising Juggernaut. While Clinton's working hard for her cash, Sanders' is flowing in.

(CNN) - Bernie Sanders is not just closing the gap in the polls between himself and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. He is also catching up to her in fundraising.
Clinton’s presidential campaign raised more than $28 million this quarter, which is only slightly more than Sanders’ $25 million.
Despite the similarity in figures, the two candidates raised money in very different ways.
The bulk of Clinton’s donations came from events she personally headlined across the country. Sanders, on the other hand, rarely headlined fundraisers.
Almost all of his funds came from the campaign’s sizable online fundraising operation.