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Monday, October 19, 2015

Politics, Politics, Politics!

Well, here it is election day in Canada and I would once again urge people to vote for the Conservatives, whether you personally like Stephen Harper, or not!

I still can't see Trudeau in the job yet, since he comes across as too young ....., PLUS the Liberals have made a complete mess of Ontario provincially. (Although I personally like Mulcair, I don't like the NDP since they screwed up Ontario as well.)


NOW, on another political note, I wanted to do a piece about the Clinton, Sanders debate all last week, but never really got into it until I read this article yesterday.

Data doesn't lie, but the media does. In the CNN, Time and Salon post-debate polls, Bernie Sanders won by margins spread of between 75% to 85%. 
Now I will freely admit that Hillary Clinton was the most polished debater on the stage, but she has been in politics a long time, and the politically knowledgeable among the audience know that her deeply held convictions flip and flop more than a freshly landed flounder. Also, she flat out lied about never having taken a position on the Trans Pacific Partnership or the Keystone XL pipeline. We're sick and tired of politicians who put a finger to the wind then tell you what focus groups say you want to hear, but actually do what their big money backers backers pay them to do. It's that sort of Washington Beltway establishment politics that led to the erosion of America's once great middle class, the grotesque level of wealth inequality, staggering national debt, and wars of choice all around the world. Voters this cycle are saying, "Enough is enough."

Of course, the mainstream media is not going to tell us that because they are the establishment. Virtually all US media is now owned by 6 giant multinational mega-corporations. It is not in their interest that anyone like Bernie Sanders get a second look from voters, so they will marginalize him any way they can.

Besides, Seth McFarlane says Bernie won the debate.