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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion # 7878

Folks, I just can't for the life of me understand what the Republicans in the United States are all about! While the Democrats seem to be 'pro-active' in their attempts at governance, the Republicans are totally 're-active' about everything they do. (Matter of fact, I'm willing to bet that the 'Salem Witch Trials' back in 1692 laid the groundwork for the original Republican ideals and philosophy since this is the sort of stuff they are always yammering about.!)

Now here comes the latest round of bullshit from these people, since they didn't seem to get very far with their 'Benghazi' inquiry! [SINCE THE REPUBLICANS WANT TO HOLD HILLARY CLINTON RESPONSIBLE FOR BENGHAZI, WE THINK GEORGE BUSH SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR 9/11. -Ed.]


Staff Reporter, The Huffington Post

"If you thought the Benghazi panel was bad, just wait: The Republicans Investigating Planned Parenthood Might Have A Teensy, Weensy Bias!"

The eight Republican members of the Select Investigative Panel who will probe the practices of “big abortion providers” -- which everyone understands to mean Planned Parenthood -- have spent years trying to defund the reproductive health provider and restrict women's access to abortion.
The release, earlier this year, of sting videos made by an anti-abortion group that show Planned Parenthood staff members discussing fetal tissue donations for research has led to Republican claims that Planned Parenthood profited from the donations. Federal law allows the organization to accept reimbursements to cover the processing and transfer of the tissues. Planned Parenthood has insisted that it has done nothing illegal, and numerous state and federal investigations have found no evidence of wrongdoing

In his Friday announcement of the eight appointees to the panel, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the group would “focus on the grisly practices of big abortion providers,” without mentioning Planned Parenthood by name.
“Recent videos exposing the abortion-for-baby-parts business have shocked the nation, and demanded action,” Boehner said in a statement. “At my request, three House committees have been investigating the abortion business, but we still don’t have the full truth. Chairman [Marsha] Blackburn and our members will have the resources and the subpoena power to get to the bottom of these horrific practices, and build on our work to protect the sanctity of all human life.”
Planned Parenthood responded to the announcement by saying that it is cooperating with the investigations even though they are the result of “false and discredited claims.”


Now here's some news that we like to see:  Lenin Statue Converted To Darth Vader In Ukraine!

Welcome to the Dark Side, comrade!
A statue of Soviet founding father Vladimir Lenin in Odessa, Ukraine, has been transformed into Darth Vader, according to several reports.
A recent law banning communist symbols led to the makeover, NBC News reported. Ukrainian artist Aleksander Milov fitted the monument with the "Star Wars" villain's helmet and converted Lenin's coattails into DV's iconic cape. But the original bronze sculpting remains intact on the inside. May the Bolshevik be with you, DV.
 The artist also rigged the movie bad guy's helmet into a Wi-Fi hotspot, NBC noted. "New heroes replace old ones, and this is how the world goes round," warehouse manager Semyon Horbunov told the BBC.