A Winnipeg woman who realized she forgot to bring her wallet to the grocery store when she was already at the till didn't leave empty handed thanks to a generous manager.
Linda Russell Linda Russell was shopping at the Extra Foods on St. Anne's Road on Wednesday. Russell typically leaves the grocery shopping to her husband, but decided to go to the market on her own that day, because she had people coming over for dinner.
"I ran to the grocery store because I had to pick up few things up," she told CTV Winnipeg on Friday.
Russell's bill came to $122, but there was one problem: she didn't have her wallet in her purse.
"I went, 'Oh no, I don't have my wallet,'" Russell said. "So I sort of when, 'Oh my god, what am I going to do?'"
Russell said she was prepared to put everything back on the shelves and return to the grocery store later with her money. But thanks to the store manager who happened to be working behind the till that day, Russell didn't leave empty-handed.
Darryl Laxdal covered Russell's grocery bill, paying with his own money.
"He came around the till with his cash card and put it in for me and then went back to the other side and bagged my groceries," Russell recalled.
She said she tried offering the manager her watch – even her shoes – as a security deposit until she returned to the store to pay back what she owned Laxdal. But he refused.
"I just thought, he is a really trusting soul," she said.
Russell later returned to the grocery store to repay Laxdal the money she owed. But when she offered to also buy him a gift, he refused.
"I said, 'What can I do that's special for you?' and he said, 'Just pay it forward.'"
And that's exactly what Russell did. She donated $60 to the Siloam Mission to pay for twenty Thanksgiving meals.
"It just creates a ripple effect," Laxdal said.

With a report from CTV Winnipeg's Josh Crabb