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Thursday, 22 October 2015


Folks I need to do a correction and clarification on yesterday's article about that woman who crashed through the front lobby of Costco with her car.

First of all I was under the impression that her car just narrowly and miraculously slid between two guard posts in front of Costco before it crashed through the front lobby, but from these pictures I saw today ....., that doesn't appear to be the case.

As you can plainly see from this picture, the posts are spaced way too far apart and it's not wonder the car went between them.


1. Why they were ever put that far apart in the first place is totally beyond me since they wouldn't stop a car, truck, bicycle, shopping cart or horse drawn carriage unless ya just happened to be aiming for the posts themselves.

2. On top of being so far apart that they were totally ineffective, NOTHING WAS DONE AFTER THE ACCIDENT TO PUT MORE POSTS IN, SO THAT WE DON'T HAVE A REPEAT OF THIS TRAGEDY!

With this in mind kids, I feel I have no option but to make the manager of this store our "Asshole of the Day" for not fixing the guard rail problem at the same time they were fixing the lobby!

This sort of appears to be a "no-brainer," so I can't imagine what the people at Costco were thinking!!!!


Our next story takes us to Kitchener/Waterloo where Wilfrid Laurier University (One of the foremost bastions of 'Politically Correct' bullshit) has decided against putting up twenty two statues of Canadian Prime Ministers.

WHY ......, you ask?

As of Wednesday evening, 976 people had signed an online petition opposing the statues’ placement at Wilfrid Laurier. A day earlier, the university’s senate passed a motion calling on Wilfrid Laurier board of governors to cancel its involvement in “the statue project.”

The chief objection at the school has been that the 22 statues would alienate aboriginal students and those from “other marginalized groups.”

“When you choose to represent something in a life-sized, bronze statue, you’re not making a critical comment, you’re celebrating it,” said Finn. (Prime Minister MacDonald, in particular, is a frequent target of aboriginal groups. As Indian affairs minister for 10 years starting in 1878, he was instrumental in drawing up both the Indian Act and Canada’s system of Indian Residential Schools.)

So, as of today the University Senate is being awarded another one of our "Assholes of the day" awards along with a recommendation that nothing more be done in this Country unless each and every objections to every proposal and project in this land, by any group that might possibly be interested, (Or not) be addressed before any sort of approval is granted for anything, anyhow, or anywhere!


 (Or, to put it more succinctly, Laurier is scrapping plans to put up statues of Canada's 22 Prime Ministers because a bunch of Indians are objecting to including a statue of John A MacDonald ......., because he's the guy who introduced 'The Indian Act!' )


AND FINALLY: "Howler Monkeys with Deeper Calls Have Smaller Balls!"

Yup, I wouldn't lie or joke about something like this kids, It's tough out there in the wild, especially for male howler monkeys!

A new study suggests that these primates have to make a (evolutionary) choice: deep calls or small balls?
The smaller the size of the testes in a howler monkey species, the larger the size of the animal's hyoid bone, a structure that enables the monkeys to make deep, booming calls — noises on a par with those of a tiger, though howler monkeys are only about the size of cocker spaniels.
The relative sizes of the hyoid bones and testes appear to be related to how the animal lives and reproduces, according to a new study, published today (Oct. 22) in the journal Current Biology. Howler monkey males that live in groups with more than one male invest in larger testes, whereas those that live only with females invest in a booming, attractive voice.
(Hooting howler monkeys of the species Alouatta caraya make a racket. Howler monkey calls are as deep as those of much larger animals like tigers — a talent enabled by their enlarged hyoid bones.)

(Remember, ya heard it here first!)