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Saturday, 14 November 2015

A very belated Saturday Morning Confusion!

Dear Readers: Well, at least I'm not confused about one thing anymore.

Let me explain!

I got swamped by all sorts of stuff today and didn't get to write anything until now  ....., which is 11 o'clock at night. (I should really be thinking about my Sunday Morning Funnies, but what the hell.)

Like I've said on numerous occasions, I lean towards the Conservatives here in Canada, and the Democrats down in the states ......, because the Republicans are NUTS!!!! 

This week I watched both the Republican Presidential debate on Tuesday night, and the Democratic debate tonight, and during tonight's slug-fest I had an epiphany about  what the two Parties stand for!

It's all really very simple kids!

When I watched the Republican debates it struck me how the entire conversation was about things they didn't like, and things they wanted to throw out, or repeal.

In other words, all NEGATIVE stuff!

Meanwhile on tonight's Democratic debate the entire atmosphere was positive, and centered on things they wanted to improve and strengthen.

Quite a contrast kids, one group (Republicans) were a bunch of NAY SAYERS, and the other group (Democrats) were optimistic and upbeat about the future of the United States.

I know who I would vote for ...............,  if only they would let me!