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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Another Deserving "Winner of the Day!"

Dear Readers:

Following yesterday's announcement that New Zealand had declared all animals as being 'sentient,' that is, capable of emotions and awareness, your ever vigilant reporter was dismayed to read THIS article today:

TORONTO -- On the morning of a court appearance, an Ontario woman is unapologetic about providing water to sweltering pigs in a truck on their way to the slaughterhouse on a hot day earlier this year.

As she and a friend waited for the pigs on a roadway median, the truck pulled up hauling the animals from Van Boekel Hog Farms to Fearman's Pork slaughterhouse about 100 kilometres away. Krajnc gave water from a bottle to the animals through slats in the truck's trailer.
The truck's driver, identified as Jeffrey Veldjesgraaf in court documents, got out of the truck and began arguing with the two women. The confrontation was captured on video.
 "They can protest all they want -- they have the right of freedom of speech that thousands of soldiers have died for," Van Boekel told The Canadian Press in an interview Tuesday. "I have no problem with them protesting; just leave my stuff alone."
(Krajnc is equally defiant. She says she and her friends with Toronto Pig Save will be providing water to pigs on their way to the same slaughterhouse on Thursday, a day after making her court appearance in Milton.)

 Animal rights activist Anita Krajnc is scheduled to appear in court today to face a mischief charge following that protest in June with her group, Toronto Pig Save, in Burlington, Ont.

Folks, Anita is also nominated as our "Winner of the Day"


Well kids, gays are becoming more mainstream and acceptable to the general population, and in particular .......,religious groups, as time goes on!

Those darn Jehovah's Witnesses are being stubborn, but once the gay community "outs" a few of them ..............., that should turn things around!


Now here's a headline I don't understand: "Leah Remini Says Scientology Cost Her a Total of $5M!"

Other revelations from Remini's anti-Scientology memoir 'Troublemaker': Tom Cruise is “a big kid" who loves to play hide-and-seek with his adult friends.

The only thing we can say it that it serves her right for getting involved with those assholes in the first place!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have always maintained that London today is a lot like the Toronto I grew up in thirty or forty years ago and that's why I love it so much.


An artist’s drawing reveals the revamped proposal for a highrise on the northwest corner of King and Ridout streets in London.

(Meanwhile, over in the big smoke, things are changin' a bit quicker!)

Whole blocks of Yonge St. boarded up as condos soar!

Posted by Derek Flack / November 3, 2015 
yonge street condos 
Toronto is a city undergoing massive transformation, a fact which is underscored with particular weight when one walks up its main artery. Long the heart of hodgepodge retail in Toronto, Yonge St. is in the midst of being reborn as the city's primary condo corridor.
The process got underway a while ago with developments like Aura and One Bloor East, but the condo machine is working overdrive now with so many developments in the works that the previous character of the street will be forever changed.
yonge street condos 
Perhaps it's already happened. Walking north of College, one encounters two sprawling blocks of demolished and boarded up buildings. Further north at Bloor, a soon-to-be-finished skyscraper casts a shadow on a collection of heritage buildings boarded up and awaiting restoration before a new tower rises above them.
yonge street condos 
One is tempted to say that Toronto looks like Detroit in these instances, but the comparison is unfair given that the hoarding is temporary. Soon, polished brick and lots of metal and glass will takeover. What you do have, however, is a last image of old Yonge St. The two storey block to be demolished at Yonge and Alexander, for instance, dates back to the late 1970s, when the street was at its grittiest glory.
yonge street condos 
Let's channel Don Draper and say "change is neither good or bad -- it simply is." Getting too misty eyed about massive development on Yonge St. would be to ignore that fact that this is exactly where condos should be built in the city, right above our best served subway line.
yonge street condos 
Nevertheless, one should note and perhaps mourn a certain version of Toronto that's in steep decline. The mom and pop shops on Yonge St. all have an expiry date now. With two massive developments planned at Gerrard, Remington's isn't long for this world. Zanzibar will hold out longer, but it too will be consumed.
yonge street condos 
Some developments are kind to street level retail and the heritage of this centuries old thoroughfare, but the head shops and indie restaurants (so long Papaya Hut) can't afford the increased rent, and so corporate blandness sets in even as the buildings are beautifully restored. Am I the only one who will miss the Kleen Air Shoes sign?
Each major intersection from Bloor St. south to the Massey Tower project near Queen St. is in various stages of redevelopment along Yonge St.. But right now, it's the area just north of College that tells the story of the street. With one foot in the future and the other in the past, the state of things here is like an allegory for the whole city.

We're growing up, but lots is being left behind.