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Monday, 23 November 2015

Don't piss me off! (Sung to the tune of "Don't fence me in!")

Dear Readers:

Sometimes I think the whole world is conspiring against me!

Over the weekend I sent a map to local city council members with some possible routes for the new rapid transit system we are implementing here in the city.

Apparently these people like what they saw because a bunch of them wrote back and invited me to the next public meeting to give my views, and I was more than happy to accept.

The next order of business was to find out just where it was being held, and all that other pertinent stuff!

I thought the London Free Press was the most logical place to get all the poop on times and dates, so I went to their web site to get the phone number.

Guess what?

No phone numbers kids!

Oh there were all sorts of e-mail addresses, but I had to go through five or six pages and about 5 or 10 minutes of searching before I came up with their main phone number. (Now this was enough to piss me off already, but what happened next really set me off.)

Everything was automated so I tried the usual trick of pressing "0" to get me to the operator at the main switchboard ........., AND GUESS WHAT!!!!

The main switchboard was automated as well, and asked me to leave a message!

All out of ideas I decided to phone London Transit ...., and when I finally got a real-life person and explained the reason for my call she cheerfully connected me to the guy who had all the answers.

That was a recording as well!

(Fuck it, I'm not going!)

Well folks, it's now a couple of hours later and I wanted to phone Rogers about some problems with the recording on my DVR, but when I finally got through a recording came on t tell me ......, that someone would phone back in a few minutes when there was a technician available.

Well I've tried it twice now and two times they never phoned back, so ..... fuck them too! (This is enough to drive ya to drink!!!!)