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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Is the refugee plan "Madness?"

Well kids, I'm confused again, on the one hand ya got Justin Trudeau, (who inherited his arrogance and stubbornness from his father) and on the other ya got some broad from France!

Marine Le Pen, the controversial leader of France's far-right National Front, is scoffing at Canada's plan to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees with open arms, calling it "madness."
"There. I've said it. Madness," she said in an interview with the fifth estate. "There are other ways to do it," she went on, adding that the "danger is real — false passports.
"A real passport given to Islamic fundamentalist in the influx of immigrants to enter the country with the intent to commit terrorist attacks. It's a danger. And that's what happened in Paris," she claimed.
Le Pen — roundly criticized by many in France for what are seen as thinly-veiled racist positions — sat down with the fifth estate's Mark Kelley as part of a special report that airs tonight called "Aftermath: How Paris Changed the World."
French National Front Leader Marine Le Pen talks to the CBC's Mark Kelley. More from the interview tonight on the fifth estate.

France has one of the largest Muslim populations on the continent already, one that has felt marginalized and excluded from employment and education opportunities and has been the scapegoat of the far right, including the National Front and its supporters.


Well, well: The same rowdy band of green activists who toppled the Keystone XL pipeline are aiming their sights at ExxonMobil.

"Green groups aim to make Exxon face consequences for, they say, obscuring the risks of climate change."



Environmental groups are waging an escalating public relations campaign against the giant oil and gas company, diving deep into Exxon’s history to accuse it of knowingly — perhaps illegally — misleading the public about its decades of research on the dangers of climate change. Their allegations, backed by recent news reports from Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times, led New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to launch an open-ended investigation this month into Exxon's actions. All three Democratic presidential candidates followed up by urging the Justice Department to open a racketeering probe.

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Green groups and their allies are also appealing to foreign governments to put Exxon under the microscope. And they’ve taken their message to social media, branding it with the hashtag “#ExxonKnew.”
Their aim is to make Exxon face the same kinds of consequences for allegedly obscuring the risks of climate change as Big Tobacco did for lying about cancer. It is the next phase in a multifront campaign against fossil fuels in which greens have defeated the Keystone pipeline, successfully pushed to shut down hundreds of coal plants and helped persuade President Barack Obama to cancel plans for Arctic offshore drilling.
Image result for green protesters clipartBut Exxon will be a tougher opponent for the greens than Keystone developer TransCanada, which was essentially a nonentity in Washington influence circles until two years into the seven-year-long pipeline fight. Exxon, in contrast, is one of the world's largest and most politically active companies, and it has already mounted a vocal, well-organized defense that seeks to discredit its critics — while maintaining that it has always been upfront about its climate research.
Still, the greens say they’ve won underdog battles before.
“Coal is finally on the ropes — who would have guessed that five years ago?” said Bruce Nilles, leader of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, which has helped to shutter more than one-third of the nation’s highest-polluting power plants. “We need a similar focus on the oil sector.”
Critics of the anti-Exxon campaign say greens are trying to turn political disagreements into criminal cases. “It’s very disturbing, and the fact that these presidential candidates are running with this stuff is kind of scary,” said Thomas Pyle, president of the industry-backed American Energy Alliance.
"People can be thoughtful about climate change and come up with a conclusion that’s not what the left wants, and that should be OK,” Pyle said.
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Exxon spokesman Alan Jeffers said activists are trying to “focus attention on their goals” by attacking the company, “and that would be fair if they wouldn't lie about us and distort what we say, what we’ve done, our history. We’re very proud of the climate research we’ve done and been leaders of it for decades.”
The company also notes that it’s been on record as supporting a revenue-neutral carbon tax, a measure that would put an economic price on greenhouse gas pollution.
Schneiderman's subpoena includes demands for information on the company’s activities as members of trade groups that wield their lobbying clout against emissions-cutting bills and regulations.
If the emerging grass-roots green movement can wound or even nick the heavily armed Exxon, it could come away as an even more powerful political force — but a loss would find the nation's climate upstarts unable to build on their recent victories. And it will push the limits of grass-roots advocacy's ability to win the Washington influence game, where Exxon's $100 million in spending on lobbying is more than 30 times as much as its primary antagonists put out.
The activists’ overarching goal is to further damage the reputations of the oil, gas and coal industries to diminish their political influence, making it easier for environmentalists to defend and build on climate regulations.

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Image result for trump clipartLooks like Donald  Trump and the rest of the boys have found a good patsy for their right wing rhetoric!


That's right bunky, seems there's not enough of them to make any kind of a sizable dent in the voting public, so all Mooslims are fair game from now on!

Wonder what Trump is gonna say next ........, after all, he didn't have any problems making fun of a cripple a few days ago!