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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Israel to Blame for Paris Terrorist Attacks!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to, we have it straight from the horses mouth!

Veronica Neffinger

Though prominent terrorist organizations have condemned the Islamic State attacks on Paris, the Palestinian Authority (PA) lays the blame for the attacks on Israel.

Christian Today reports that the leaders of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad--groups recognized by many Western countries as terrorist organizations--have condemned the horrific Paris attacks that left over 120 dead and more than 300 wounded. 

However, the PA says Israel, not the Islamic State, is to blame for the attacks.

The PA has said that Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad, is responsible for the bombings. In a statement in its official newspaper, the PA claimed that “Israel will benefit” from the Paris attacks. (Nice theory, and a lot of people in the Middle-East will buy it hook line and sinker, just like they bought the story that Israel was behind 9/11. -Ed.)

Palestinian National Council member Bassam Abu Sharif also criticized Western leaders for not taking a stand against Israel.


NOW, to add injury to insult, [sic] get a load of the stuff floating around the Internet about Trudeau!!!


 It's time to get a COMPETENT leader in Canada!!! It's time to get Justin Trudeau OUT!!!! He is trying to pass Bill 59 which legalizes Sharia Law in Canada, letting 25,000 'refugees' into Canada with minimal or no security checks, endangering EVERY Canadian citizen without thought or care!! Pulling out of the war against Isis and the war on terror. The list goes on and on!!

(Now I don't know about the accuracy of some of these claim since I had to correct the spelling of 'Treaudeau,'  but just the same, it shows how pissed some people are! By the way, petition signatures to stop accepting Syrian refugees now top 100,000. -Ed.)

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