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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Let 'em In!

Everybody (and his brother) is talking about the refugee problem, so I might as well get in my two cents worth as we continue to fly them into the country!

First of all, if the United States were going to bring in as many refugees as Canada on  a proportional bases, they would be on the hook for about a quarter million people, (250,000) not the measly ten thousand (10,000) that they are talking about!

Second, the government finally caved in to the petitions that have criss-crossed the country in the last few weeks, and have extended the timeline out to March of 2016. (And what they don't tell ya is that the first 10,000 have already been vetted by the former Conservative government, which makes their job a hell of a lot easier!)

And finally, two local churches, one Catholic and one Protestant, have raised money to bring four families over here ........., and unless they are Christian Arabs, they had better thank Allah that we are still in a charitable mood.

Oh, by the way, just so ya know ....., bringing these people over here will cost us about $25,000 a head!