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Friday, 20 November 2015

The Deadly Duo!

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Folks, I don't know just what it is, because I haven't been able to put my finger on it yet ......, but Dr. Ben Carson strikes me as being slightly, if not completely, RETARDED!

Like I said, I can't pin it down, but let's just say that every time he talks I get a creepy feeling in the bottom of my stomach!

Image result for ben carson cartoonAs for Donald Trump, enough has been said already, but for the life of me I still can't figure out how he and Ben are the front runners in the GOP race for the presidency.

BUT, it shows you how much of a joke the Republicans are to be following these two!


News out of the states today that insurance giant UnitedHealth Group dealt a blow to the Affordable Care Act on Thursday when it warned that it may stop offering insurance plans to individuals through the public exchanges established by the reform law. USA TODAY

Seems they are not making enough money on the plan ....., at least not like they used to when they could charge whatever they wanted! 


I saw the following ad and watched it for about 15 minutes!

Now here comes the kicker bunky!

Although the video goes on and on, they never tell you the identity of the guy who invented this, or the companies name.

In fact, all they tell you is that they can get unlimited energy from simple grains of sand!

BUT, they have no hesitation in asking you to send them MONEY!


AND FINALLY: This is nothing to sneeze at kids!

WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT OF DEER: (And it also shows why black youth can't get a job in this country!!!!)