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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Trudeau showing his true colours!

Dear Readers:

I told ya electing this guy was a mistake!

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Now, with just over two weeks into his tenure as the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is starting to show his true colours!

Despite scores of petitions with tens of thousands of names on them, Op-Ed's from almost every major newspaper, (Except the Toronto Star, of course!) opposition from Provincial Premieres, and other stuff too numerous to mention, Justin is determined to take our fighter planes out of the Middle-East! (This is in spite of the fact that EVERYONE else is ramping up their military commitment to fight ISIS.)

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Yup, good ol' Justin Trudeau has the arrogance and bullheadedness of his father, while still exhibiting his own narcissistic brand of self righteousness and entitlement, which proves to me once again that the arrogant little prick has got to go!

The only question is ......., how do we get rid of him?
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(I bet there's a lot of people who already wish Harper was back!)


Justin Trudeau says he told Vladimir Putin to get Russian troops out of Ukraine 

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