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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Asshole of the Day award is well deserved!

Rumour is leaking out that the bankruptcy of Hamilton's CHCH channel 11 TV station was a dastardly deed if ever there was one!

First of all it was the news department (which is a separate entity) that went broke, not the whole kit and kaboodle ....., and rumour has it that it was orchestrated to get rid of the union.

On top of all that, instead of waiting a couple of weeks to pull this heartless task, they gave about 130 employees a Christmas pink slip with no severance pay or nuthin!!!

That's why I'm happy to make them our "Asshole of the Day!"


After watching the Republican Presidential Debate for a while last night it struck me that the GOP spends all its time talking about safety and security, while the Democrats, during their little get-togethers, focus on the economy and social issues.

A small, but vitally important distinction!


According to some of the polls I saw last night there were three winners in the debate: Trump, Cruz, AND CLINTON!

If you asked asked Hillary Clinton to rank her preferred general election opponents in order, odds are that Cruz and Trump would top the list. Trump is a candidate almost tailor-made to energize Latino turnout and turn the demographic even more strongly pro-Democratic. And Cruz has most of Trump's substantive liabilities plus has proposed a massive 16 percent sales tax on everything. Both of them are extremely potent boogeymen to get base Democrats enraged/energized. And none of them have the ability to make inroads with young and Latino voters that Marco Rubio has.
And so when Trump and Cruz win a debate, Clinton implicitly wins the debate as well. She's getting exactly the Republican primary she wants, and it shows no signs of getting worse for her anytime soon.


We have news that both New York City and Los Angeles received the same security threats yesterday, and yet N.Y. treated it as a hoax and L.A. had a collective heart attack!

Go figure!



It seems that Sheldon finally gets laid on "Big Bang theory!"

(Just thought you would like to know.)



Toronto area Starbucks might soon be selling wine and beer at their local locations. (Wonder how a $10- glass of beer will go down?)