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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Distracted is, as distracted does!

Forget about distracted driving kids, some idiot in California wasn't looking where he was going while texting on his phone and walked right off the edge of a cliff.

He fell about 60 feet, and that's the last thing he ever did!


Oh, by the way, the new Star Wars movie made it to $1 billion in ticket sales faster than any other movie in history! (I even put a few bucks towards that total myself!)


There was a woman in Chicago who was shot by the cops yesterday for answering her front door.

Yup, they knocked and she answered ......, and then they shot her.

Good thing she answered the door though, because if she hadn't done that they would have busted the door down before they shot her.

This way, at least the door wasn't damaged!!!!!!


I just read "The top five things to do in Toronto this winter" and I didn't agree with even so much as one of them folks!

The only thing to do in Toronto in the winter is to take the subway downtown, and then take your coat off and wonder around the underground "Path" network for the day!


Well, well, what goes around comes around kids:  Militiamen loyal to an influential Afghan lawmaker beheaded four Islamic State fighters and publicly displayed their severed heads, officials said Sunday, highlighting an increasingly brutal conflict as the jihadist group makes inroads in Afghanistan. (The militia force loyal to Haji Zahir, deputy speaker of parliament, has been battling self-styled IS militants in Achin district in the province for weeks.)


As aquifers dry up, after years of drought, vast swathes of California are sinking—in some places more than a foot a year, which has led scientists to predict that vast swaths of California will be below sea level by the end of the century!
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