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Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Time to have a look at all those extra charges we get hammered with by the big boys folks!

Image result for scrooge mcduckWe got word that one bank had a scam going where they would take all the cheques a typical customers wrote at the end of the month for utilities and rent, etc. etc. and then instead of processing all the small cheques first and then bouncing the big rent cheque for a $35 NSF charge ....., they would put the rent cheque in FIRST, and then bounce a whole bunch of utility cheques at $35 a pop!

But that's not all of it, bunky!


Image result for airplane clipartGet a load of THIS: A Nova Scotia man is questioning why Air Canada is continuing to bill customers for fuel surcharges after he had to pay almost $800 in extra fees for a flight he booked with Aeroplan points.

That's right kids, he had enough air miles saved up to fly to England, but then they slapped him with  ALL THOSE EXTRA CHARGES. (He said the money was for "combined taxes, fees, charges and surcharges.")

 Geoff Ardern didn't expect his free ticket to cost so much.

Geoff Ardern called Air Canada to find out why he was paying so much in extra charges and was told there was a $697 fuel surcharge. (Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told CBC News there was a link on the online ticket that Ardern could have used to see the breakdown.)
Ardern wonders why is the fuel surcharge so high. "When fuel surcharges went on, they went on somewhere near when oil was $100 a barrel and now it's sitting at $40 dollars a barrel, so I can't see where the fuel surcharges come from. To me it's just gouging," he said.

Image result for airplane clipartAirline passenger advocate Gabor Lukacs says the fuel surcharge could just as easily be called "You Pay Us." "I don't think that the name fuel surcharge is adequate in the circumstances, but the airline could also have called it 'CEO Salary Charge' or 'We Rip You Off Charge,' but sadly the airline can charge whatever they want and we have to respect that it is a free market," he said.
Lukacs said the term fuel surcharge is simply a euphemism for charging passengers more money. "People have gotten used to it but it remains what it is, another charge imposed by the airline," he said.


Well folks, we managed to get through the longest night of the year once again!


 Don't know how true this story is kids, but we get word that a scene from the new Star Wars movie was cut because it showed Chewbacca tearing off a guys arm. Ouch!


Police in rural Manitoba say impaired driving charges are pending against a Zamboni operator. Officers received a complaint Saturday about the man during a minor hockey game in Ste. Anne, southeast of Winnipeg.
Marc Robichaud, chief of the town's police department, says the machine was striking the rink's boards and moving erratically around the ice. An officer spoke with the driver between periods of the game, then placed him under arrest.
Image result for drunk zamboni driver clipart Robichaud says the man in his 30s, who was new to the ice-clearing job, has been released from custody. He is to face charges of impaired driving, refusing a breath sample and resisting arrest.
Robichaud says arresting a Zamboni driver for impaired driving is a first for him, but the offense includes operating any motorized vehicle. "Liquor and any kind of motorized vehicle don't mix, irregardless of whether it's on the road or wherever it may be," he said. (Let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls, if you're going to drink and drive you're going to get caught! After all, driving a Zamboni while drunk is just inviting trouble ....., because what goes around, comes around! -Ed.)