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Friday, December 11, 2015

Why put off till tomorrow what ya can do today!

I just had a couple of thoughts that should actually be saved for tomorrow's "Saturday Morning Confusion,"  but the way my memory has been lately, I would probably forget it by then.

The first thought I had was about the Republican Party down in the States, and it just confirms my theory that every organization, group, company or gathering is a direct reflection of the of the people who run it!

That's right kids, it doesn't matter if it's General Motors, the Government of an entire country, or  the corner variety store .........., they all take on the ideals and aspirations of the people at the top. (Or it could be the other way around, see below!)

Now I can't say with certainty whether the big shots determine the direction of the organization they are in charge of, or whether the organization picks the person or people who will most closely reflect its aims and philosophy!


Either way, that's why the Republicans have a guy like Donald Frump steering the ship!


By Emily Stephenson and Chris Kahn.

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Donald Trump held onto his commanding lead in the Republican race for the White House after his call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States was condemned worldwide, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, the first national survey conducted entirely after the billionaire's remarks.
Trump led the pack of candidates seeking the Republican Party's nomination in the 2016 election with 35 percent of support from Republican voters, the opinion poll released on Friday found, the same lead he held before Monday, when he said Muslim immigrants, students and other travelers should be barred from entering the country.
Most Republican voters said they were not bothered by his remarks, though many said the comments could still hurt Trump's chances of becoming president. Twenty-nine percent of Republicans, who will pick the party's nominee for the November 2016 election, said they found Trump's remarks offensive against 64 percent who did not.
"He's really saying what everybody else is feeling," said Donna Fee, 57, a personal caregiver from Missouri. Fee, a Republican, said she supports Trump and agreed with his proposal to bar Muslims. But she said his bluntness could hurt him with other voters.
"I really think he needs somebody to calm him down, you know. I really think he needs to learn to use a filter."
Still, in a sign of how Trump's rhetoric has polarized the electorate, 72 percent of Democrats and 47 percent of voters overall said they were offended by Trump's comments.


The second thought was about that husband and wife in California who murdered those 14 people last week. There was something about the whole story that just didn't sit right with me ....., I can't say whether it was the circumstances or just the way the whole thing went down, but whatever it was, it just didn't feel right!

Well guess what kids?

Seems I was sort of right because according to latest reports these people tried to join several terrorist groups, and in every case they (The terrorists) took one look at them and said: "Ahhhhh ......., NO, we don't think so!"

Image result for terrorist cartoon
The Los Angeles Times, citing an anonymous federal law enforcement official, reported last week that Syed Farook was in contact with members of the Nusra Front and the Somali extremist group Al-Shabaab. The official told the Times there was “some type” of contact between Farook and the terror groups, but it was unclear what kind of contact the parties had ......only that it didn't go very far!