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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Liberals in La La Land!

Dear Readers:

We got trouble in River City folks, and this might be the thin edge of the wedge!

As he watches his former colleagues go all out to re-settle thousands of Syrian refugees by the end of this year, the civil servant who helped run Canada's last major refugee resettlement program says he's concerned that politics is getting in the way of policy.
Gerry Van Kessel says he's frustrated by the game he feels the Liberal government is playing by constantly affixing and changing targets for their Syrian refugee program.
"There is an element of make believe in all this that keeps the focus on the make believe and not the substance," he said in an interview.
 In other words folks, the Liberals look like they are going to try and run the country the way they would like it to be ....., rather than the way it really is!

Yup, they're all a bunch of big shooters who don't have that tight a grip on reality kids. 

For example, during the recent climate talks in Paris, Canada went there with over three hundred delegates. The big ol' U. S. of A. meanwhile, went with less than half that number!

Go figure!



A couple in Ottawa reports that more than 30,000 BEES were stolen from their farm over the Christmas holidays. (Folks, I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out why somebody would want 30,000 bees, and so far I've got nothing!)


Since today was the first of the nasty winter weather here in Southern Ontario, I thought we would give you some of the various local weather forecasts: