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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion #57

Dear Readers:

If there's one thing your diligent reporter is NOT confused about this week, it's got to be THIS woman: She automatically wins our "Asshole of the Week" award!

HALIFAX -- A Nova Scotia mother who is fighting her 12-year-old daughter's exclusion from the dressing room of her all-boys hockey team says she's willing to compromise in order to find a solution.
Laura England, whose daughter Hailey is a goalie for the South Shore PeeWee A Ice Sharks, has launched a public media campaign against the enforcement of a policy that has her daughter dressing by herself in a separate room before games. (Instead of with the boys!!!! -Ed.)
Darren Cossar, executive director of Hockey Nova Scotia, said his organization's dressing room policy mirrors that of Hockey Canada's which stipulates that girls and boys must dress separately at age 11 and above.
However, he said teams do have some wiggle room under the policy as to exactly when the girl can enter the room.
"The girl still has the ability to enter the dressing room when appropriately clothed to join her teammates," said Cossar. "But basically the policy just doesn't allow (her) to walk in from the street and strip down and change."
Both the team's coach and the president of the South Shore Hockey Association did not return requests for comment.


Well kids, the first load of refugees arrived in Canada last night, and a lot of people will be relieved to know that they were all from Syria's Christian minorities! (Amazing how that somehow makes it all O.K.)


Here's a headline that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck:


This could start just about any day now folks, so we seriously suggest you go outside and lash yourself to a good sturdy tree in the middle of an empty field!


I'm reading all sorts of articles today on why Donald Trump is still so popular with the voters down in the States.

So far I've heard about 36 different theories about why the guy continues to climb in the polls, but all these prognosticators and pundits either just don't get it, or they are deluding themselves.

THE REASON TRUMP IS STILL IN THE RACE IS BECAUSE THE AVERAGE AMERICAN VOTER IS A COMPLETE IDIOT. (This is one of the best examples of the "Dumbing Down of America" the I have seen in years!)

But then again, ya have to remember that these are the people who still believe the world is only 6000 years old, evolution is a crock of shit, and global warming is a conspiracy by all those left wing intellectuals to save some trees, or some other bullshit thing they are always going on about! 


What a frustrating day this has turned out to be in my search for interesting news.

First of all, I read an article about a group of University students in Singapore who invented a fantastic new type of personal flying machine ......., but they forgot to put a picture, or even a description of the thing in the article.

Next I saw an article about Thailand, and how proud they are of their brand new aircraft carrier. (After all, China, Japan, and a few other countries in the region have their own aircraft carriers as well!)

And this time they DID have a picture of it!

Thailand has an aircraft carrier without any aircraft

The only problem is that due to the financial downturn of 2008, and the lackluster economy since, they only have one plane to put on it!!!! (Look closely, it's right there on the deck!)