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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The 10 real reasons 9/11 was an inside job!

Dear Readers:

There is still a lot of confusion swirling around the Internet about the real reasons for 9/11.


We have turned the Perspective Research Department lose on the problem, and THIS is what they came up with in hardly no time at all!

Image result for cheney1. At its most basic level, the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by Dick Cheney so he could have an excuse to get George Bush into invade Iraq, and that would open the door for his old friends at Halliburton to take over more of the oil fields and petroleum infrastructure in the area.

2. Saudi Arabia financed most of the operation so that they could get the U.S. to eliminate Saddam Hussein, and thereby increase their influence in the region.

3. Israel was in on it too in an attempt to stir up anti Muslim sentiment, but they didn't know that Cheney was playing them against the Saudi's.

4. The 19 so-called "hijackers" were actually ordinary Muslims who had been told they won a dream vacation contest, and they were on their way to collect the prize ....., not realizing what the prize really was.

5. Russia had a stake in the oil futures market and helped spread the disinformation about the true roll of Israel by way of the Russian Mafia in the Brighton Beach area.

6. Apparently hundreds of Arabs in New Jersey held a block party as the Trade Center burned because they had received advanced warning from the Saudi Embassy about the whole thing.

Image result for spy vs spy
7. The CIA knew in advance about the plot, but figured George Bush wasn't smart enough to do something like that ......., not realizing that Cheney was secretly behind it!

8. The FBI secretly brought down building 7 of the World Trade Center that afternoon because it was a perfect opportunity to get rid of the office they had in that building. (It was about to undergo a Congressional hearing on FBI methods and practices.)

9. The New York Port Authority, who own that property, were in a contract dispute with the owner of the buildings over past due rent, and when they were told that no more payments were forthcoming they got a hold of Dick Cheney and started the ball rolling on this whole mess as a "get even!"

10. Nigerian nationals were housed in the W.T.C. and the government is looking into the nature of the connection between them and a lot of the Internet chatter leading up to the disaster!

There are still several lose ends that need to be straightened out folks and as soon as we do a bit more investigating we will tie all the conspiracy theories together.

In the meantime, remember: "Ya heard it here first!"