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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tu Quoi?

Dear Readers:

Stop the presses folks, your faithful reporter just got wind of this little gem!
"Premier Kathleen Wynne is willing to apologize to Ontario Francophones for a 1912 regulation that prohibited teachers in elementary schools from speaking with students in French.
 Awwww, now that's just silly. If she had of kept her mouth shut I would still care less, but at least I wouldn't  have to be thinking about it! (Wynne says it would be "very appropriate" for her to offer an official apology on behalf of the Ontario government to acknowledge that the province's bilingual heritage wasn't always respected in the past.)

Ya, Ya, Ya ...., personally I think we should be more worried about people like ISIS, than what some politically correct people think about something that happened over a hundred years ago!


(Did I ever tell ya I don't like Political Correctness ....., or Wynne?)


I have been reading a lot of articles in the past few weeks that explain what Democrats think Republicans are like, and what Republicans think Democrats are like.

Add this to what I think about the two groups, and I come out with a strange analysis.

In this day and age Democrats are a lot like what we used to think "Meat-head" was all about, and Republicans are still a lot like Archie Bunker!

Goes to show ya kids,the more things change, the more they stay the same!


Somebody had better say "enough is enough" and give in!

On Monday, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred weighed in on a saga that has hung over the national pastime for more than a generation: the status of Pete Rose, the Reds great, who was banished from the sport in 1989 for betting on baseball.

The 74-year-old former player and manager had appealed his ban with MLB’s previous commissioner, Bud Selig, in 1992, but Selig refused to make a ruling prior to his retirement earlier this year. In the meantime, public campaigns to convince baseball to reinstate its all-time leader in hits (4,256), singles (3,215), games played (3,562), and games won (1,972), floundered.

Folks, this was so long ago that no only had I forgotten what Pete did, I almost forgot who he is!!!


Well kids, looks like we got a bunch of neat Sci-Fi movies coming out in the next while. First of all, Star Wars starts this week, and then in the first half of next year
we have not only a new Star Trek film, but another edition of Independence Day!
(Jeff Goldbloom is in this one again, but Will Smith got too greedy!!!)