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Sunday, January 31, 2016

How to fix the "Oilsands" in one easy lesson!

Rear Readers:

There is still a lot of debate concerning the ecological impact of mining the Alberta Oilsands and we put the Perspective Research Department on the case to find out what the issues are, and how to best address them.

First and foremost, the argument that oil companies are tearing up the landscape is a none issue since they will be restoring the countryside to its original condition once they are done extracting the fossil fuels.

The second problem is not so simple, and requires a little bit more thought and effort than is being applied right now.

The Oilsands are correctly called the "tar sands" for a very good reason. All of the product there is in the form a a thick gooey sludge that must be "processed" in order to turn it into a commercially viable fuel and this is being done in the worst way possible. (They burn some of the gooey, dirty goo, to turn the rest of the goo into not so dirty and not so gooey oil!)

It is this burning process that causes all the pollution everybody is bitching about kids.


The solution is obvious when we apply 'Occam's Razor" to this problem. (The simple solution is usually the correct one!)

Build an environmentally safe and none polluting nuclear plant to heat the goo and turn it into oil and gas, and use any excess power to feed the grid in Alberta.

Safe, simple, efficient ...., and it gets all the environmentalist off your back!

Now was that so hard?