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Thursday, January 14, 2016


(I'm a bigot!)

Dear Readers:

This humble reporter ventured an opinion a few days ago that a lot of the problems with the men from the Middle-East is not motivated by religious or political beliefs, but rather from some deep seated cultural bias that they can't help but bring into our Western society, to the detriment of everyone concerned.

Yes, I realize that the more educated and affluent a person from the Middle-East is, the more they will exhibit mannerisms and values that are in agreement with our way of life, but this does not negate the fact that among the majority there is still a strong undercurrent of traditionalist thinking that manifests itself as a rigid, misogynistic, and reactionary point of view that borders on tribalism amongst a great percentage of the male population. (Fostered, of course, by the Imams!)

As an example of this I would like to quote from an article I read today by one of my favourite journalists, Gwynne Dyer, regarding the ongoing crisis with immigrants in Germany. (Fortunately immigrants to North America are strongly vetted, while in Europe it's more a case of whoever shows up at your door!!!)

Guest post by Gwynne Dyer:

Image result for arab man clipartIn the crowds that gathered in front of Cologne's railway station to celebrate the new year, hundreds of young men in gangs began harassing and robbing German women.
"All of a sudden these men around us began groping us," one victim told German television. "They touched our behinds and grabbed between our legs. They touched us everywhere, so my girlfriend wanted to get out of the crowd. When I turned around, one guy grabbed my bag and ripped it off my body."
There were 379 complaints to police, 40% of which involved sexual assault and two accusations of rape.
Image result for arab man clipart
Only 31 men were arrested in connection with these offences, a police failure that caused popular outrage. But the incendiary fact -- which the police at first declined to reveal -- was 18 of the 31 men arrested were asylum-seekers, and all but five were Muslims.
So there was a fire storm of protest about the Cologne attacks.
But what on earth made those young Muslim men, beneficiaries of Germany's generosity, think they could sexually attack young German women in public (and rob them)? They were not professional thieves, and I very much doubt they would sexually attack young Muslim women in public if they were back home.
Image result for arab man clipart
I suspect they were mostly village boys who still believe the popular Middle Eastern stereotypes about good Muslim girls whom you must not harass, and "loose" Western women who are fair game for sexual assault. I once lived in Istanbul with my wife and two little boys, and we had the same experience as most Westerners: when my wife was out with me or with the children, she was treated with respect. When she was out alone, she was target of constant sexual harassment.
At least once a day, as young men passed her in the crowded streets, she would experience the full frontal grab -- and if she protested, they would laugh at her. So I taught her what a Turkish woman would say if the same thing happened, and it did help. She still got molested, but when she rebuked the attackers in Turkish they were overwhelmed with shame, panic, and disappeared into the crowd.
When you take in a million refugees, more than half from the Middle East, you may expect them to include a few religious fanatics who may be or become terrorists. They will also include a larger number of ignorant people who think it is not a crime to attack non-Muslim girls sexually.

It's not for religious reasons bunky, it's to stop them from being molested by these assholes!!!!