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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Let's shine a little light on the subject!

Dear Readers:

I was going to delve into this subject in rather fine detail because it concerns that old argument of evolution vs creationism ...., but I quickly realized that 99% of people reading this would either lose interest, or just not give a shit to begin with!

So, I decided to condense and simplify the whole thing for brevities sake, just because it addresses that problem of "irreducible complexity" that bible thumpers are always throwing around as an example of how creationism is the only thing that works!

Image result for blind man clipart(Basically "irreducible complexity" theory states that the human eye is far too complex to have "evolved," since all the parts had to be present from the get-go for it to work at all.)

WELL, scientist just found something resembling a "light sensitive" organ that was present in some type of jellyfish around 600 million years ago, and this slowly changed into the eyes that we have today! \

Good thing too, otherwise we'd all be walking around like this guy! -->

(And another argument bites the dust!!!!!!)