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Monday, 25 January 2016

Murder by cop!

Dear Readers:

Well kids, he got away with it. (Since 1990 eleven (11) cops have been charged with murder, and none of them convicted!)

Oh, I know, Forcillo got nailed for 'attempted murder' for the second volley of shots into a dying Sammi Yatim, but nada on the first three shots that killed our hapless victim. (Oh, by the way, did ya know that Forcillo got in trouble several times for drawing his gun way too much?)

Just so we keep things straight, Constable Forcillo was deemed to be justified for the first three shots that actually killed Yatim. (That's for having the audacity of holding a knife in his hand, even though he was by himself on the streetcar and not really a threat to anyone!)

Yup. They just couldn't let Forcillo walk ....., so why not charge him with attempted murder for the shots in the second volley. (Sammi was for all intents and purposes already dead by then, so they could only hang 'attempt' on him.)

The way it sits now Forcillo might only get a couple of months, or probation, instead of years behind bars ..., but at least he won't be a cop anymore. (Unless, of course, he has his conviction overturned on appeal!!!!)

Just to remind you how things went down .........!