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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion: Is it the religion, or the culture?

Dear Readers:

Your long suffering reporter has devoted much time and effort these past few weeks on the problems in the Middle-East that are slowly being exported around the world.

The religion of Islam is being used as a justification for all sorts of atrocities by groups attempting to inflict their values and prejudices on societies in Africa, Europe, North America and Indonesia, but this is not the main problem folks!


The problem is the CULTURE of the Middle-East!

This paternal, misogynistic, reactionary, archaic and at times tribal culture that pervades the area is slowly being spread throughout the rest of the world by refugees and emigrants that want to take a little bit of home with them to their new lands!

Don't forget, as I have said many times in the past, values and expectations change over the course of time.  When my parents came to this country in the 50's the first thing they wanted to know is what their "OBLIGATIONS" were in their newly adopted home!

Now it seems that the first thing people do in their flight to our borders is to find out what their "RIGHTS" are!

Sure we have trouble with the religion of Islam because there are a certain number of people who wish to use this as a shield to protect themselves from whatever cause or ideology they are fighting against.


These numbers dwindle in comparison to the amount of people who are just plain different compared to the society we have here in the West.

Did you just hear what I said?

It's not particularly pretty, or politically correct to make these claims, but somebody has to do it!

It's a cultural thing kids, and nothing is going to change that except for time and a concerted effort by us to not let a minority impose their values on a rather complacent population. (So far!)

Aside from the orchestrated attacks on women in various cities across Europe on New years Eve, there are  innumerable instances of attempts to change the moral compass of society by spreading their misogynistic and reactionary ideas on the rest of us!

As an example, there are now sections of certain cities in Europe where the local  population has declared a DE-facto society that is imposing Sharia Law on anyone in the area ...., to the extent that women who walk into these neighbourhoods are verbally harassed and even sexually assaulted for immodest dress or demeanor. (There is a community swimming pool in Cologne, Germany, that had to ban all men from attending because of the sexual assaults on women who were wearing bathing suits!)

Yes, Islam has it's problems because it is still rooted in a twelfth century mindset bunky, but so is the rest of Middle-East society as a whole.

Sure there is a growing middle-class that is more tolerant of Western morals and ideals, but they are still in the minority, and it is only time and education that will change that!