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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sign ze papers old man! (With apologies to Cheech and Chong)

Dear Readers:

078Just got a note from Ezra Levant @ "The Rebel" about a new petition to keep building pipelines in Canada. (I happily signed it!!!)

Canada needs new pipelines projects, and we need them now. It’s shocking to realize that some political leaders still don’t understand that Canada develops and transports our resources responsibly and safely - to the benefit of all Canadians.
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre recently said he’s against the Energy East project. This type of positioning is short-sighted and puts our economic future at risk.
It’s time to build a stronger Canada. Sign the pledge today in support of pipeline projects in Canada.
Canada has the energy Canadians and the world needs - our challenge is getting it there. It's time to start building a better Canada by building pipelines.
Take the pledge and send a clear message: Canadians want to see these projects move forward.
Your voice can help make sure they get built.
Thank you for standing with us,