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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The best way to get away from it all!

There is a web site called 'Airbnb'(Air bed n breakfast) where you can reserve inexpensive accommodations all over the WORLD, and you'll never guess what's among the top five destinations that are listed there!

"A Hobbit house in B.C."

06bf6fed_original.jpgA rustic, cosy little cottage in B.C. has been named one of the most desired Airbnb destinations in the world.

The "Unique Cob Cottage" on Mayne Island, B.C., is "sculpted of local, sustainable natural materials," and situated on a "lovely acreage with sheep, gardens and orchards," according to its listing on the Airbnb website. The place sleeps up to two guests in one bed, and renters get the full run of the house for $140 a night.

Co-owner Emmanuel Borsboom says, ever since the list was released last week, bookings at the cottage have gone through the roof.
"A couple of days ago we started getting a lot of bookings," Borsboom told CTV Vancouver. "And we were like, 'What's going on?'"
Borsboom says the cottage is a hit with guests because of its "rustic" appeal, and because it’s situated on scenic Mayne Island. The island is about halfway between Vancouver and Victoria, and boasts "lots of beaches, beautiful hiking trails, some nice restaurants and galleries, and generally a peaceful atmosphere," Borsboom said.
A night in the cottage costs about the same as a stay at a four-star hotel. However, anyone hoping to book a stay had better plan well in advance. The cottage is almost completely booked up through to September.

Well folks, here's something ya don't see everyday!

As witnessed by the current trail of Toronto police constable James Forcillo in the "alleged" killing of Sammy Yatim on a streetcar last year, and the subsequent closing of ranks by the other officers at the scene, ya have to wonder at the mindset of some of these cops! (Ya, ya, I know all about the "most cops are good" argument ......., but we're not talking about them!)

103Nothing exemplifies an "us vs them" attitude of some police officers as this story about a St. Paul Minnesota cop who .........., who ....., oh never mind what I think kids, I'll let you read it for yourself:
The St. Paul Police Department has put an officer on leave while it investigates allegations that he made a post on Facebook urging drivers to run over protesters who were rallying against the police killings of two black men in the Twin Cities last year.
003The social media message said, "Run them over," and told people how to avoid being charged with a crime if they struck someone during the Martin Luther King Day march and rally on a bridge linking St. Paul and Minneapolis, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported ( ).
Mayor Chris Coleman issued a statement saying he was "outraged and disgusted" and had directed officials to investigate.
288The suspended officer allegedly posted a comment in reply, under a different name, that said: "Run them over. Keep traffic flowing and don't slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the street." Andrew Henderson, who runs the Minnesota Cop Block Facebook page, which focuses on police accountability, spotted the comment early Saturday and immediately reported it to police. He then filed an internal affairs complaint Sunday and turned over the evidence he believed showed that post really came from the officer.


Is it just my imagination, or have a lot of music legends died lately, especially since Christmas?

Our boomer world was rocked by the recent deaths of so many musical legends from our generation -- David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Natalie Cole. The sudden news -- and the quantity! -- caught us off-guard, forced a trip down memory lane, and had us thinking about our own mortality this week. We asked Huff/Post50 Facebook friends to share their thoughts.
Joncile Martin was shocked to hear that Eagles guitarist and solo artist Glenn Frey was in his 60s. She wrote, "In my mind, the Eagles will always be in their 20s and 30s and have the same sweet sound they have had for 40+ years!"
The sheer number of deaths impacted Karron Wood, who wrote, "It started with [70-year-old] Lemmy [Kilmister, frontman for Motorhead], then [65-year-old] Natalie Cole, then [69-year-old David] Bowie, then [64-year-old] Mic [Gillette, renowned brass player and founding member] from Tower of Power, then [Gary Loizzo, the 70-year-old former] singer with American Breed ...... and now [Eagles guitarist Glenn] Frey [at age 67].
Wood commented, "A generation of great music is slowly being made smaller and we are feeling our age and how very blessed we are to still have our health. So many rumors swirl that we didn't know the artists were battling these terrible illnesses. May they rest in peace and you know in Rock & Roll Heaven -- there is one Hell Of A Band now!!!"
Reader Ana Jones echoed the sentiment. "The death of Glenn Frey felt like losing a close friend. The Eagles' music has been with me through many phases of my life." Us too, Ana.
Debbie Stewart noted that she was very close in age to those who left us. As an alternative medicine advocate, she wonders if any alternative therapies "were offered or tried for these guys. I am presently the healthiest I have ever been in my life," she wrote.
Reader Melinda Greer Green said the deaths were a reminder that "we are all approaching that age." 
Here's a little tribute song for what we are certain is going on.