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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Some guy just came up with a new type of alarm clock.

It doesn't ring, or honk, or buzz, or blare, or burp.


It stinks! (Well, smells ....., to be more accurate.)

Instead of an annoying noise, the device releases the smell of coffee, fresh baking, flowers or even a skunk! (If nothing else, the last one will get you up!)

They should call it "Smell-O-Rama!"


Now the way I understand it, somebody in the Middle-East executed a Muslim Cleric and somebody else got all hot and bothered about it, so they, and a bunch of their allies, cut diplomatic ties with the party of the first part. This caused the party of the second part to go on a verbal offensive and further polarize the situation. The party of the first part is not talking to the party of the second part while parties of the third part are trying to get the first and second part to cool the rhetoric.

Meanwhile, both the party of the first part and the party of the second part are now thinking they might have fallen into a trap set by the party of the second part, or even the party of the first part!

All in all it's quite a party!


Well, well .....,  the alleged assault of dozens of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve by as many as 1,000 men of “Arab or North African” origin has sparked outrage across Europe.

 For months, Cologne police has had an eye on groups of young North African pickpockets operating in Cologne in groups of threes or fours. A big organized group like the one on New Year's Eve, however, is something "totally new," police investigators said.

It’s unclear why the incidents came to light only this week. Similar incidents were reported on New Year’s Eve in Hamburg and Stuttgart, German media reported, though on a smaller scale.


So much for academic freedom:

At the start of this school year, Laurentian University professor Michael Persinger handed his first-year psychology students a form warning them he might use profanities and other potentially offensive language during his lectures.
He listed some examples: the F-word. A homophobic slur. A slang word for female genitalia.
If any of those words made them feel uncomfortable, now was their chance to bow out.
Handout photo of Michael Persinger, psychology professor at Laurentian University.Persinger insists his use of “frank expressions” in class aren’t meant to embarrass or demean, but to open students’ eyes to how emotionally charged words can affect their thinking and reasoning.
University administrators, however, apparently see things differently. Last month, the cognitive neuroscientist — who made headlines years ago for developing the “God Helmet,” an apparatus designed to create religious experiences by stimulating the temporal lobes — was called to the provost’s office and told he was no longer allowed to teach the remainder of the year-long class.


Want to download something fast? A new report has released average LTE wireless speeds in Canada, and its results may come as a surprise.
Telus, Bell and Rogers all averaged more than 17 megabits per second, according to a new report. Bell edged out its rivals with an average speed of 19.9 Mbps.U.K.-based OpenSignal reports that regional carriers Videotron and SaskTel had the top average speeds in the country between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2015. Average speeds on those two high-speed LTE networks was greater than 27 megabits per second (Mbps), and OpenSignal called the results "impressive" in its latest State of Mobile Networks report for Canada.
Telus, Bell and Rogers, the three carriers with 90 per cent of the Canadian market, were measured as being slower than SaskTel and Videotron. They all averaged more than 17 Mbps, according to the report. "Bell, however, edged out its rivals with an average speed of 19.9 Mbps."


It seems as though a unique Vancouver café is a victim of its own success.

Catfé, an establishment that's part-café, part-foster home for adoptable rescue cats, has temporarily shut down after running out of cats.

"Due to the overwhelming success of adoptions in our first few weeks, we have run out of cats!," reads a message posted on Catfé's website.

The cats come from the B.C. SPCA and Catfé owner Michelle Furbacher said poor weather and road closures during the holidays delayed the delivery of new cats.