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Monday, 22 February 2016

Canada is being closed down by the left wing!

Dear Readers:

The left wing media is slowly strangling this country.

First it was nuclear power ....., oh no, we don't want nuclear in this country.

Then it was oil ..............., shut down the tar sands and don't build any more pipelines. (If you DO have to transport oil, why not put it on trains and send it through Lac Megantic, Quebec.)

Shut down the coal fired power stations! (Well, maybe this is one I agree with. Even though they now have scrubbers that take care of the problem and natural gas is an alternative as well, it's still a dirty business!)

Stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia just in case there is ever a civil war and the government decides to use those light armoured vehicles (LAV's) we sell them against their own population! (Saudi Arabia needs these vehicles for the ongoing war on their southern border, but sure, put 3000 people out of work, after all, it's only in London, Ontario, not in my back yard!)

And while we're on the subject, don't sell any arms to anyone else either!  (The CBC had a big EXPOSE'  today about a sniper rifle that was made in Winnipeg and legally sold to the Saudi Army. During a battle with insurgents in Yemen, one of these rifles was captured by the bad guys ...., so now we should get out of the arms business entirely, just in case this ever happens again!)

I don't know what we are going to do about these politically correct lefty assholes folks ....., ya can't live with em, and ya can't shoot em either!