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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Canadians no longer allowed on Jeopardy!

Dear Readers:

The TV Game Show Jeopardy is not allowing any more Canadians to appear on its' shows. (I'll take 'bummer' for $400-)
The website says the show is currently "precluded from accepting registration information from Canadian residents."
It goes on to say the show is evaluating the matter but does not indicate why.
Media reports quote the show's producers as saying the problem is due to international laws governing how information is shared over the Internet.
MEANWHILE, here's a kicker for ya: The longtime host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, is a Canadian, born and raised in Sudbury, Ont.  (As for Trebek,  if he is also forced off the show for being Canadian, then there is no word on what he might do next .................., after all, he couldn't run for President!!!!!!)

It's unclear why, but Canadians wanting to try their luck as contestants on Jeopardy have been frozen out. 


And here you thought driving for 'Uber' was a piece of cake and good way to make a few extra bucks. Well there's one driver who couldn't take the pressure anymore and cracked up!
A Michigan man who worked as an Uber driver was under arrest on Sunday in the fatal shooting of six people in Kalamazoo, as police investigated reports he may have driven customers of the car-hailing service the night of the rampage.

Prosecutors alleged that Jason Dalton, 45, opened fire, apparently at random, in parking lots outside an apartment building, a car dealership and at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kalamazoo, about 150 miles (240 km) west of Detroit.
An Uber passenger, Matt Mellen, told CBS TV affiliate WWMT that he had tried to alert the company after a wild ride with Dalton about an hour before the first shooting was reported.
He said Dalton introduced himself using a different name from the one listed as a driver. He then sped through medians and across a lawn, and Mellen jumped out at a stop at about 4:30 p.m..
"He just kind of kept looking at me like, 'Don't you want to get to your friend's house?' and I'm like, 'I want to get there alive,'" said Mellen, a brewery worker.
His fiancée posted a Facebook account of the ride that said Dalton had sideswiped a car and run a stop sign. Mellen said he unsuccessfully tried to contact Uber about Dalton after talking to police.
Kalamazoo Police Chief Jeff Hadley told Reuters that investigators were still looking into reports of Dalton picking up Uber fares around the time of the shootings. He confirmed that a man did call police with a report of an erratic Uber driver and the report was relayed to patrol officers.


A loud rumble, a scuffle and 33 long minutes of coordinated attacks by a female orangutan and her male partner led to the death of an older female orangutan in a Borneo forest, in what scientists say is the first incident of lethal aggression among orangutans ever observed by researchers. (Female orangutans are not normally aggressive. They are solitary, and rarely engage in fights, according to primatologist Anna Marzec, of the University of Zurich in Switzerland, who witnessed the event. Even more surprising is that the attacking female used a male orangutan as a "hired gun" to help corner and attack the victim, the scientist said.)

What makes this case so interesting is that the orangutan is a fourth cousin twice removed from Donald Trumps fathers side!
 Image result for donald trump half orangutan
Donald Trump and Kondor in a mug shot taken at the police station.
In the two weeks before the attack, Kondor was seen associating with various males, particularly one named Ekko, the researchers said. Kondor and Ekko approached Sidony together and Ekko sexually inspected Sidony before returning to mate with the younger Kondor, they added.
When Sidony started to move away, Kondor interrupted her mating and attacked Sidony. Immediately, Ekko also joined the fight, taking turns attacking the older female, the researchers reported. While one physically attacked Sidony, the other orangutan watched and blocked the victim's escape. The fight attracted another male orangutan, Guapo, to approach and protect Sidony, eventually leading the older female away from the fight. Despite his help preventing further attacks, Sidony sustained significant injuries and died two weeks later, according to the study.
(Officials in the Borneo Prosecutors Office originally laid aggravated assault charges against Kondor, but since the demise of Sidony from her injuries those charges have been upgraded to First Degree Murder.  If convicted Kondor could be sentenced to a life term in the Borneo Zoo! -Ed.)