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Thursday, 25 February 2016

T.G.I.F. # 32

Dear Readers:

Do ya remember the 'Toronto 18?' That's the group of Muslim Terrorists who wanted to blow up Parliament, blow up trains, bomb public buildings, and chop the Prime Ministers head off!

As a result of all this mayhem the Conservative Government stripped the Canadian citizenship from one of the terrorists who held a dual citizenship. (This was not just because he wanted to chop Stephen Harper's head off, but for all the other stuff too!)

Well, the present liberal Government thinks that stripping the citizenship from this guy - who obviously hates Canada - is a bit too hash a punishment ....., so they are going to give it back to him.

What the hell, maybe they should give him a medal too!


Lots of different visages come to mind when we think of the prettiest places in Canada, but I know you will agree that  this place is right up there:

Point Prim Lighthouse is one of only a few round, brick lighthouses in Canada. 

Point Prim is one of the most beautiful places in Canada, according to Condé Nast Traveler magazine. But was there ever any doubt?
Canada's first and oldest lighthouse is joined on the list by national beauties such as Notre-Dame Basilica de Montreal, Outer Battery Village in St. John's and Saskatchewan's Grasslands National Park. "Point Prim occupies a prime perch at the end of a peninsula whose breathtaking views of the Northumberland Strait and Hillsborough Bay make it worth the trek," reads the caption.
Point Prim boasts one of Canada's few round lighthouses. It was built in 1845 based on a design by prominent architect Isaac Smith, who also designed Government House. See the full list on


While we're on the subject of Prince Edward Island: Two Charlottetown hotels have joined a program that collects and recycles leftover guest soap, shampoo and body lotion to be used in hygiene kits.
The Clean the World program assembles the kits and distributes them to homeless shelters, seniors citizens and others in need across North America.
Great George Hotel, Hotel on Pownal managers
The Hotel on Pownal's general manager Megan McMillan and Rachel Vidito, the general manager of the Great George Hotel. (Submitted)
The Great George Hotel and the Hotel on Pownal became part of the program this week.
"We have so many guests that stay one night, that the soap literally can get used once or twice, and then most of it goes directly into the garbage," said Rachel Vidito, general manager of the Great George Hotel.
The soap is collected and tested by SGS North America, a Florida state-certified testing facility. SGS purposely infects the soap, which is then run through the standard Clean the World recycling process.
All pathogens are removed from the soap in the process. The recycled soap is also sent to areas around the world where there is a high risk of hygiene-related illness.
The program provides partners with recycling containers to collect the soap and bottled amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. When the containers are full, the hotels send them back to Clean the World for processing.
Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed nearly 70,000 hygiene kits. The goal of the program is to help fight the spread of preventable diseases.
This week, the Great George Hotel and the Hotel on Pownal joined the Clean the World program, which recycles hotel guests' leftover toiletries and creates hygiene kits for homeless shelters and others in need.
 This week, the Great George Hotel and the Hotel on Pownal joined the Clean the World program, which recycles hotel guests' leftover toiletries and creates hygiene kits for homeless shelters and others in need. (Google Maps)

(Note: No word yet on IF, and HOW they are going to re-cycle the toilet paper! Some sort of a classification system has to be developed that will grade the paper on the amount it has been used, or soiled! -Ed.)


Priscilla Presley, the widow of one of rock's most iconic figures, wants the world to see how a Quebecer has brought him back to life.
The Elvis Presley Experience, a tribute show by actor-singer Martin Fontaine, has enjoyed three successful seasons in Quebec City. It has also done well in Las Vegas and Paris. And after a 12-show run in Montreal next month, it will hit Turkey, Israel, and South Korea.
Hopefully, it will be just the beginning, the 70-year-old Presley said.

To Presley, Fontaine's performance is the most faithful to what it was like to see the real thing on stage. And that, she says, is because he doesn't try to look or sound like Elvis, unlike the legions of impersonators out there.

"Martin is an actor. He's not trying to be Elvis. He doesn't try to look like Elvis. He transforms himself on stage.

"It's like being at the Hilton in Las Vegas watching Elvis. It was very surreal for me."