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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Feed a cold, starve a fever!

Dear Readers:

This small article in the London Free Press this morning really struck home since at this time last year I was still in critical care at the hospital after being on life support for a month because of the "flu!"
Influenza has claimed its first life in the London region, but though the flu is starting to spread, its impact so far this winter has been much smaller than last winter.

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A year ago, flu had killed six people (Almost seven!) and caused 28 different outbreaks in hospitals and nursing homes. (There has yet to be an outbreak this season, the Middlesex-London Health Unit reported Wednesday.)
Six people were hospitalized with the flu last week, and 18 in total since September, compared with more than 80 a year ago. (Last year was the year they guessed wrong on the flu shot, and that's why so many people got sick!)


I just saw an ad for some religious group that immediately made me suspicious of not only their motives, but their knowledge of what they were talking about! (This just proves that you don't need any sort of knowledge to make a good religious argument!)

The headline said: IS JESUS REALLY GOD?

And then underneath that: Scholars examine the facts about Jesus' claims to be God! (Then just for good measure they throw in some stuff about C.S. Lewis to give themselves an aura of authority.)

Now we get into the  meat and potatoes of this whole smorgasbord folks!

Here's what they said next!
Some argue that Jesus never explicitly said, “I am God.” It is true that he never stated the exact words, “I am God.” However, Jesus also never explicitly said, “I am a man,” or “I am a prophet.” Yet Jesus was undoubtedly human, and his followers considered him a prophet like Moses and Elijah. So we cannot rule out Jesus being divine just because he didn’t say those exact words, anymore than we can say he wasn’t a prophet. (Twisted logic?)

Dropping names like Bono of the group U2 they then go on for about 10 pages to explain that Jesus didn't need to claim to be God to prove that he really was!

So this is what they said kids: "Yup, it's true that Jesus never claimed to be God, but really,  after all,  give us a break, isn't it evident that he WAS!"

(AND THAT, my friends, is the miracle of faith! -Ed.)