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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Get out of town if Trump wins!

Dear Readers:

This is the first sentence of an article I just read: "Last week, Rob Calabrese launched a website offering up Cape Breton as a refuge in the event of a Donald Trump presidential victory."

Now think about that for a minute.

It's getting more and more likely that Donald Trump will win the GOP race for 'Great Dictator,' and if he goes on to win the presidency, then all hell will break lose in the States!!!

Enter Rob ......,  he knows a lot of people will want to get out of Dodge in a hurry if that happens, and there's the reason for his 'Cape Breton Getaway' web site.
- Canada has less crime because Canadians, even lower income people, generally have decent lives. Unlike in the US, they don't hate the society, they don't hate the rich, and they don't want some sort of revenge. Imagine you have decent health care, education etc, why risk being put in jail? Many American criminals probably have nothing or little to lose, or the whole society/culture makes them want to be rich over night. 

- In terms of life in Canada, versus the USA..... Happier, safer, cleaner, more relaxed, more tolerant, and less religious bickering. Canadians are much less political than many Americans are. We tend to be more willing to let people live their lives, here.

- So many of the subjects that are still "hot button topics " in the USA are not even being talked about here in Canada, as we have all ready dealt with them. Race, mixed marriage, same sex marriage, abortions, gays in the military, religious bigotry, gun control, pot use, Immigration issues, illegal immigrants, border controls, gangs, and so on.....We have moved on from all of that stuff. Americans have not. 

- Never lived in the US. But it it would seem that wherever there are less life stressors would be the better place. Its relaxing not having to worry about getting a relatively minor injury or illness that would ruin you financially or getting into a violent altercation with police over a trivial matter because cops are paranoid because everybody owns guns, or losing your entire retirement savings because an unregulated and corrupt financial industry is allowed to run amuck for so long until a catastrophe happens. Its tougher to get a mortgage here and it should be! Nice to be able to have the occasional puff of weed without worrying about overzealous cops busting down your door and declaring that you are drug kingpin after finding a gram of pot. Canada has problems too but overall its a relaxing balanced life for the most part (we even have a paid day off here called "family day"). Be prepared to freeze your *** off for 5 months every year though and learn to drive on a skating rink when the roads get icy.


- the new world attitude (shared with a few other places like the U.S., Australia, etc.) that places more focus on what a person can do rather than on where they’re from or if they’re from modest origins

- a pretty decent, though imperfect social welfare system

- a quite diverse population that lives together peacefully (certainly by global standards)

- freedom where it really counts (as opposed to some other visions of freedom that are out there in the world)

- a highly enviable ratio of national resources relative to population


- an almost pathological tendency to sweep long-standing national issues under the carpet (the eternal Quebec question, the scandalous socio-economic situation of aboriginals, etc.), without ever really making a sincere effort to find lasting solutions

- the love-hate relationship with the U.S. that features the bizarre juxtaposition of both a rarely questioned sentiment of moral superiority vis- -vis the Americans AND a huge inferiority complex when it comes to almost all spheres of culture (TV, movies, sports, magazines, etc.)

- the fact that the only country Canadians ever compare themselves to is the U.S. when it comes to crime, social welfare, gaps between rich and poor; especially in light of the fact that comparisons with, say, European countries would be far less favourable to Canada

- the fact that, with some exceptions, the average Canadian is not very cultured when compared to most Europeans (or even Brazilians, Argentines, etc.) with comparable education levels

- the fact that in this country places like Vancouver and Victoria are widely considered to be "warm-weather" regions!