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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day doesn' start off well!

Well boys and girls, we don't know how they made out down in the States for Groundhog Day, but up here in Wiarton it got off to  resounding thud! (And we mean that literally!)

Image result for roadkillWiarton Willie, that prognosticating ground hog, was all set for his yearly debut in front of a crowd of well wishers in this S. W. Ontario town ...., when an automobiles backfire startled him and our hapless hero ran off to the dismay of all who wanted to know if he would see his shadow or not.

Turns out he did see his shadow, but unfortunately it was the shadow of the car wheel that ran over him, and now the poor townspeople are scrambling to get a replacement groundhog for next year!

We will keep you informed!