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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Politics is like a box of chocolates!

Dear Readers:

I would like anyone who didn't read my blog last Saturday to have a quick look at what we said about the U.S.  election! 
There is a frightening similarity between what Trump is doing now, and what Hitler did in Germany back in the early thirties kids. There was a lot of social upheaval and everyone was extremely dissatisfied with the government and society in general, so along came a charismatic leader who promised to make the country great again! (They even vilified the Jews as a scapegoat, just like Trump is doing to the Muslims.)
 Now, I don't claim to be that smart folks .....,, because I got the idea from the Mrs. Herself while we were sitting around shooting the breeze. (And I made darn sure I wrote about it right away before I forgot!)

Well, lo and behold, the next day THIS guy came out with a statement, and it got reported in the media yesterday!
In the Washington Post, Sunday, Harvard political theorist Danielle Allen declared Mr. Trump to be a mortal threat to American democracy and that Republicans and Democrats must unite to stop him. “We, the people, need to find somewhere, buried in the recesses of our fading memories, the capacity to make common cause against this formidable threat to our equally shared liberties,” she wrote, openly comparing Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler.
Image result for hitlerA shifting economy that advantages the highly skilled and highly educated while leaving the less educated and less skilled with only McJobs; ancient and still unresolved racial tensions, and a condescending attitude by elites of both the left and the right toward those who, as Barack Obama once put it, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations” account for the rise of Mr. Trump.
Doing a little more digging, your humble reporter came up with a few comparisons on '5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler's Rise To Power.'

 #1. He Used To Keep A Copy Of Hitler's Sequel To Mein Kampf By His Bed

#2. Not Taking Him Seriously Makes Him More Dangerous

#3. Don't Think Concentration Camps, Just Think Prisons

#4. He'll Sell His Hate As Hope For The Poorest Citizens In This Country

#5. He Blames A Specific Group Of Immigrants For All Our Problems (And Promises To Eliminate Them From Our Society)

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Trudeau Turns Gay For Votes!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed today he'll be marching in this year's Pride Parade in Toronto. It's no surprise he'll be attending but what is significant - Trudeau will become the first Prime Minister to ever participate in the festivities.
In 2015, Trudeau made his presence known at Pride when, as leader of the Liberal Party prior to the federal election, he dressed in a pink shirt and white pants and hammed it up in front of large crowds and cameras alongside Premier Kathleen Wynne.
While Wynne is a confirmed Lesbian, Justin has hinted that he might become gay himself, or at least bi-sexual, in an effort to better follow a left-wing Liberal agenda ....., and also garner more support from the LGBT community!
When asked if this might be a hard adjustment to make, Justin replied that it shouldn't be  too much of a problem since his years as a scoutmaster had prepared him for such an eventuality!
trudeau pride 


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Canadian-made armoured vehicles appear to be embroiled in Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemeni-based Houthi rebels – caught up in cross-border hostilities that critics say should force Ottawa to reconsider a $15-billion deal to sell Riyadh more of these weapons.
That's right boys and girls, those nasty Saudi's are using those armoured vehicles we sold them against other human beings AND WE HAVE TO PUT A STOP TO IT!
Along the Saudi-Yemen border, constant skirmishes pit Houthi fighters against Saudi ground forces such as the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

Image result for lavThe Saudi Arabian National Guard, a buyer of many Canadian-made light armoured vehicles (LAVs) in the past decade, has published photos on its official Twitter account showing how in late 2015 it moved columns of combat vehicles to Najran, a southwestern Saudi town near the border with Yemen that is in the thick of the conflict.
The $15-billion Saudi LAV deal provideS Riyadh with weaponized armoured vehicles in what is the largest manufacturing export contract in Canadian history. 
A recent Nanos Research poll found nearly six out of 10 Canadians surveyed feel it is more important to ensure arms exports go only to countries “that will not use them against other human beings,” than it is to sustain some 3,000 London jobs by selling combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia.
(And then again, there is concern that if there should ever be a civil war in Saudi Arabia, the government could use these armoured vehicles against their own population .................., just like what's going on in Syria!)